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Traveling to MOMs Collectors 28 Chairs and NoWhere to Sit

Have you ever been to a collector’s house? A serious collector of spoons, silver, antiques, statues, china, oyster plates, books, lamps, linens, furniture, add to the list…..

An amazing trait in these personalities is that they find beauty, purpose and interest in each and every item in their gallery collection. Lots of items, broken, imperfect fixer uppers, adaptable items – like Fred Sanford – “I gotta have it, keep it, save it, store it, dream of a purpose or need/use for it.

Recently a great revelation came to me, visiting my mother as I was making a cup of tea early in the morning. The house was quiet, yet very much not quiet as I panned the various landscape of each room. I was looking for a  sitting  spot...


Road Trip

A scenic drive is just a nice way to reconnect after the shut in we have experienced. Recently we drove from Chattanooga to Asheville thru the backroads. Starting at Sugar’s a really good BBQ place just off the interstate going thru Chattanooga, we watched the goats off the outside covered porch and had some BBQ sandwiches. On the road again we got off a few minutes down the road to follow the Occoee. It starts with a lake and soon becomes a river full of rafters. There is a marina and a beach before you hit the very curvy two lane road following the river. A damn separates the river raft traffic from the lake.  It’s a nice drive for under an hour till you hit a gorge...

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Morehead City Seagulls/Yorkie Bait

Since I was a little girl Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, North Carolina has been a place we spent summers and many visits. We have family that has since moved  there now for over thirty years.

As long as can be remembered there is a place where you drive your car up and park next to the other waiting cars and place your food order. My favorite is the combo oyster/shrimp burger. It is prepared perfectly and cannot be duplicated. Secret is in the coleslaw and ketchup.

On recent trips I include my husband and Princess my lapdog Yorkie.

On this occasion I was on the passenger side and that is a good thing for what was about to happen. The seagulls had always been a part of the waiting in the parking lot...

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Catitude Done Right post 2 of 2

so Hemingway in Brentwood the yard was small and the dogs were large, she got pierced by the very large sabers of the neighbors dogs….but recovered well and stayed close to her home, mostly birdwatching, napping dominating a bedroom of the “off to college” room, loving the sun warming her on the middle of the bed. CATITUDE entrenching.

At the lake she profiled nicely on the back deck overlooking the water, watching fishing boats and neighbors she would visit regularly on their deck and in the garden. From across the street was another large tooth piercing, this time on her curled ears into her head, nurturing and reviving she layed low, retreating to the deck and  now her choice of beds depending on the eastern or western sun and the time of day.

Friends were easy for Hemingway – her lait...

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Catitude Done Right post 1 of 2

When a pet ages out and passes it is hard on the entire family and often other friends that know your pet. We had an unusual thinking Hemingway and the only way I found is to write the memory moments and keep it to recall her life with our family.

Once our family had the amazing Hemingway. She was a fancy cat, not because she cost alot (free) but because she know she was a C.A.T.  Her lineage was special of course, a leopard lynx, six toed C.A.T.  When clomping down the stairs you would think you had a loud heard of rompers, it was the C.A.T.

Those many toes she put to work on countless occasions to hunt unsuspecting birds, squirrels, snakes, lizards adn even her last one – a peacock, for she was the C.A.T.

The trophies would be half eaten proudly placed on the stoop in the doorway entra...

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A Day to End

It has been a wonderful trip. We  arrive early to get the luggage checked in and what a bright happy curb check in guy……….all good, right? Till we get to the final destination, yikes.

Neither bag made it to the arrival baggage carousel. The flight got in early so we are optimistic, so optimistic we hang out for four hours watching other people on our flight find their luggage.

We file a claim and since its 2:30 in the morning we look for a near by hotel so we can come back in the morning if our bags show up.

Never leave medication in the checked bag, well we did but never again. Oh and the parking ticket is in the checked bag as well...



What a nice few days to spend surrounded by beautiful mountains. The skylift is operating, there is a new place in the mountains to travel (walk) on elevated bridges.

We stayed in the downtown area in a hotel off the strip. Definitely worth it, since it spares sitting in the traffic and searching for parking spaces. Some places have/are closed and will not reopen. The larger chains are open for dining and no restrictions for masks or distancing. We had lunch over the creek at the Landshark next to Margarettaville. Service was fast and there are specialty frozen drinks. Dinner was at Ole Red’s – you may know the song. Love got him into prison and love got him out. This was Blake Shelton’s first hit and it is a story to make you smile...

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Window Sill Herb Chicken Salad

So moving during a quarantine, packing, organizing, planning furniture in a new space……on it goes. Then there is lunch…..”Honey, you make the best chicken salad, let’s have that for lunch.” Really? We just packed up the kitchen utensils and all that is left is the refrigerator contents. We like eggs in the chicken salad, oops no pot for boiling. Then there is one iron skillet – ahah! Never boiled eggs in an iron skillet? Heat and water on the stove. It works. So shredding chicken with two plastic forks, okay. Then to the other ingredients, we like Dave’s Hot pickles chopped coursely. The usual salt, white pepper, already packed and moved in boxes.

Then a glance to the window over the sink and there sits my herbs. So snipping parsley, chives, thyme and then there was dill in the back yard...

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Hero’s Heart

Hero’s Heart

H: hope, heart, honest, helpful, hearing, healer
E: earnest, enthusiastic, eager, expert
A: ample, artist, authoritative, active, anticipative
R: reliable, real, rightous, responsible, respectable
T: trustworthy, talented, true-blue, tried & true,THERE

? There was a girl in high school, she dreamed of helping others
? There was a boy in grade school, he wanted to change the world
? There was a lady unhappy in her career, she searched for a job that appreciated her
? A man of great vision worked hard to advance his education
? A young mother struggled to get her GED, she wanted to support her family
? A second generation immigrant makes plans of being the first college graduate in generations of laborers
? An immigrant you...

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Vegas – A very Clean City

My last week has been spent in Vegas on the strip…….what a very different experience from five years ago.

The streets were being swept by giant street cleaning machines picking up any loose dirt from road construction. There were workers sweeping the sidewalks. Truly an impressive new front compared to the historical Vegas we visited where fliers were shoved in your hands at every corner and in-between.

This was a very pleasant visit at the Westgate for a four day visit and to the Stratosphere, aka Strat. One thing about hotel rooms in Vegas, often there are no coffeemakers in the rooms. At the Strat we upgraded (totally worth it) to get a refrigerator, coffee maker, safe, modern walk-in shower vs an old tub with shower...