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Ileum Doneoldue Psalm for 9.14.2020

I have dreamed of many things
To cross the bridge to eternity
Where the seas meet the skies
And arms are open wide
When I journey this thing called life
It is faith that gets me by
The truth of all you say
Is the hope that lights the way…
I am the road
The one less traveled
I am the path
Not worn from despair
I am the road
That leads me home
To the place
Where my heart belongs
I am the road, I am the road
There is a place
Where hope can be found
Deep within your heart
Let the joyful trumpets sound
I have dreamed of many things
To hear the winds that bring a change
Where the moon and stars light the way
To a dawn of a brand new day
I am the road
The one less traveled
I am the path
Not worn from despair
I am the road
That leads me home
To the place
Where my heart belongs
I am ...
1 Peter 4:10 Spiritual

Co-Dependent vs Making a Choice to Be a Kingdom Agent

Co-dependant vs Making a Choice to Be a Kingdom Agent
Recently in what I felt was a great contribution to salvage an old house being withered away by exposure to the elements, someone made the comment that we were co-dependent. It really took me back. Afterall I read the book “CoDependent No-more” by Melanie Beatty. What I recall was realizing there is a choice when taking on decisions. What I had decided is if this is what would honor God, show others the joy in my relationship with Him, possibly change someone’s connection with feeling the love God has for all of His peoples then I would heart, soul and mind search it. My decision would be my choice...

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Shepherd’s Pie for Three Wise Men

It’s always fun to find new flavors and ways to prepare favorites. Shepherd’s Pie for Three Wise Men is a favorite this week. Totally covid compliant in individual small skillets served per person.
We started with lean ground beef, I understand lamb is a good mix with ground beef or beef by itself. We are a tad light on access to ground lamb so this is with 85% lean ground round or chuck. Drained to remove the grease that settles in when cooled and to reduce fat ingested. Using olive oil or grapeseed oil cover lightly the bottom of the iron skillets. Add a single layer of cooked meat We added cooked chopped onion in with the meat..Previously prepared vegetable mix is the next layer. We used some left over marina with lima beans, peas and carrots...

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God is in Country Music

God is in Country Music
Reba, Dolly, Alan Jackson, Carrie Underwood. Those are some with new great songs out.
Back to God is Reba’s, Dolly Parton comes on strong at the end of Zach Williams singing There Was Jesus. Be a Light is a threesome of Thomas Rett, Keith Urban and Reba McIntyre.
Carrie Underwood sings Let There Be Peace
As for Alan Jackson, I would do the entire album and get the version that shares his daughter’s tribute to him as a father who lead them to have strong relationships with Jesus and each other and their communities and beyond. Tears will show up, get tissues and keep handy. God’s Country by Blake Shelton. People are Crazy by Billy Currington. Funny lyrics God is Great, Beer is Good, People are Crazy...

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Grilled Pizza

It’s grilling in full swing this time of year. What a break from burgers and hot dogs. This will only work if you can control the temperature of your grill to 400 degrees. A charcoal grill may be a challenge, have not tried that. So start with Naan from the bakery section usually. Grape seed oil or olive oil applied to Naan. We did both sides and the grill. (before it was hot) Coat Naan with thin layer to cover of marinara or choice of pizza sauce. Add pepperoni. In four minutes you have grilled pizza. Stay with it though the temperature may divert dinner. May need more Naan. Ugh. If you get it right, grilled pizza is perfect for a week night quick snack or light dinner.

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Woman versus Nature Part 2

Not sure if you have ever painted an entire house, it is a monster of a task. First it started as a repair job, thinking we were subverting damage of flying boring bees. Then discovering little skinny long black wasps that bure circles into the same woods that were home to the boring bees. So we are up to pesticides now, found something called Wisdom. It is safe for animals we are told and we do have peacocks and baby peacocks so we want to keep everyone safe. It is really a community to watch the moma peacock take her babies on a stroll through a few acres including the front yard and the side yard. The male peacocks come close to the female as if to converse, then they tarry on after checking in...

psalms for 2020 Spiritual

Ileum Doneoldue Psalm for 8.21.2020

When the world turned away from me
I was alone and feeling empty
In my heart there was despair
I walked alone and unaware

I have cried so many tears
Living a life in complete fear
Who could love someone like me
Until God came along to help me see

I am worthy of His praise
He is my destiny
I will walk across the seas
To know that He is with me

He floods my heart with love
So that I will never forget
He gave His life for me
To live a life with no regret

I have come to know
That God sees it all
Even when we fall
I will answer the call

I am worthy of His praise
He is my destiny
I will climb the highest mountain
To know that He is with me

I will change the way I see
To know and believe
That every word He speaks is true
He would never deceive

He will take away the darkness
Shine a light along th...

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In my 1953 “Joy of Cooking” cookbook, there are two pages dedicated to “larding”. Never heard of it. But I have this roast that is needing to be prepared. So we embark, then tweek a tad and here is how it turned out.
Reading the lines “lean meat is often larded, ……French chefs often rub them with garlic and other herbs and dust them with cloves or cinnamon. Count me in. So we switched to the Dutch oven instead of the crock pot. Oven preheated to 350. Using a very pointed serated knife we insert pieces of garlic and cloves and dusted with cinnamon. Yeah we did both. As for the meat tenderizer there were three options. 1. 1 cup French dressing, 2 teaspoons mixed dried herbs, or 2 tablespooons mixed fresh herbs, (it is August, so fresh herbs were used...

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Monteagle, Tennessee A Peaceful, not crowded Place to Visit

No Crowd Place in Central Southern Tennessee
Traveling I-24 south of Nashville, passing through Murfreesboro, there is a nice cluster of a place off the Monteagle exit 134. Jim Oliver’s Smokehouse Restaurant and The Smokehouse Lodge and Cabins adapted to the new Covid procedures. They added outdoor seating complete with umbrellas for shade. From Chattanooga, its not over an hour going north. The Smokehouse is known for bbq and they recently added an outdoor service window and beer to the menu.There are several state parks with too numerous to count hiking trails close by. South Cumberland State Park has Monteagle Falls, a quiet, even romantic aura in visiting the area. It is not crowed...

psalm for 2020 Spiritual

Ileum Doneoldeu Psalm for 8.18.2020

Oh Lord will you take my hand
And deliver me to the promised land
Where my weary head can rest
Oh Lord, my Savior and King

Oh Lord can you help me see
To live a life the best that I can be
Will my heart surpass the test
Oh Lord, my Father give me wings

Oh Lord will you walk along with me
For you are the roots and I am the branches of the tree
So I will live my life the very best
Oh Lord, my Savior and King

Oh Lord I will give my life to you
And start living life anew
In this I will be blessed
Oh Lord, my Father give me wings

Oh Lord I long to be with you
Every word you speak is true
In this I have confessed
Oh Lord, my Savior and King

Oh Lord when my time comes around
Will I hear the mighty trumpets sound
I once was lost but now I am found
Oh Lord, my Father hear me sing

Oh Lord I praise a...