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How to Prepare for Heaven

Recently reminded of someone dear who went to be with Jesus. She asked me to buy her a large print Bible and help her memorize the Apostles. She wanted to make sure she recognized them when she got to heaven. Well, I’m sure our eyes will be spiritual and this may not apply but she worked hard on that project and her last breath was peaceful.

The book “90 Minutes in Heaven” tells a true story of a pastor who was in an accident and assumed dead as he remained in his car off the side of the road. Another pastor leaving the same conference stopped his car went to the car and crawled from the back of the car and put his hand on the man’s shoulder and prayed and sang. “Jesus loves me” to the man assumed not of this world. Suddenly there were two voices singing as the pastor in the wreck began to sing along in a barely audible, but audible voice. This book helped me so much in understanding and actually celebrating when someone close to you or not, takes their last earthly breath. When you know they asked Jesus into their heart and are going to eternity as we were meant to.

The rest of the book describes the recovery and ministry that followed this gruesome accident.

This is often a gift for people who have loved ones go on to death and their eternal spiritual life.

As for Grandma, she comes to mind often. She made a business of selling employees cars and collecting weekly payments when she was recovering in a rehab facility. God gifted her and many people signed a book and left messages about how she gave them advice on life issues and spiritual directions.

Both the pastor’s accident and Grandma in rehab scripture applies: Genesis 50:20 You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. NIV

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