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A Day to End

It has been a wonderful trip. We  arrive early to get the luggage checked in and what a bright happy curb check in guy……….all good, right? Till we get to the final destination, yikes.


Neither bag made it to the arrival baggage carousel. The flight got in early so we are optimistic, so optimistic we hang out for four hours watching other people on our flight find their luggage.

We file a claim and since its 2:30 in the morning we look for a near by hotel so we can come back in the morning if our bags show up.

Never leave medication in the checked bag, well we did but never again. Oh and the parking ticket is in the checked bag as well. We circle the lot at close to 3am and finally find the correct vehicle then have to wait on the unmanned checkout to become manned or womanned and manned. Whatever. Finally en-route to slumber, as if one can sleep after such rattling experiences.

We do however have the CPAP which is necessary for hubby to breath and sleep and breath at the same time. That is until we find this not to be mentioned hotel that shows “check power” when the outlet is plugged into the power source. Strange the coffee maker works….

Its enough that since we got checked in after midnight the posted rate does not apply . Huh? forget the leaving the light on for ya thing.

Then there’s the lukewarm shower. All just fine. No breakfast, out of coffee, good riddance, bye. Luggage got Fedexxed the next day. What drama. Amenities not, pay extra if you arrive after midnight but the lights on for ya……….oh and coffee for one in the room, that was an upgrade.

For low I am with thee, literally. Just sayin.

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