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Chickaboom celebration premature daughter of a student band leader and valedictorian prima-dona……….brought into the world by a black widow spider bite induced labor. Not expected to make it but her am I 50 years later.

Moving every few years from TN, NC, Il and Mo and finally landing in Lebanon Tennessee where I graduated from a Military Academy leaving my senior year from a championship  four A basketball team and a medalist for ladies golf in the state of Missouri.

No trauma here….very portable. So my mater’s third divorce comes and college decision is made without the basketball scholarship, or the journalism scholarship..….this is the family foundation complete as Lutheran church founders. (came with husband number three)

Two little girls later, now a Navy pilot and an NYU graduate, rugby and black belt, never dull and full of surprises. Looking back at a 30+ year career in long term care as a manager for both non profit and for profit and RVP for fortune 500 company sold in pieces, working on the dash.

Thankful for a wonderful spouse with sound temperament and lovingly dependable, well travelled, still counting continents…..its a hobby and lifestyle. So happy to share life experiences. We are the spiritual beings on an earthly journey. Keeping it in the six inches between the ears…….maybe not six for some and more for others. You get it.

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