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Covid Exit Strategy

Got to credit Alistair Begg for sharing this one: Two goldfish were in the fishbowl. One says to the other one “what is our exit strategy?”

After it soaks in, you realize, are we like the goldfish? Uh oh! A few ideas have come up since “safer at home” like if you were Mary the mother of Jesus – when you go to heaven are you God’s wife? Then you realize in studying the book of James that this was Jesus younger brother who became a disciple after seeing Jesus in the appearing after Jesus crucifixion. There is an amazing sermon by Alistair Begg this last resurrection sunday that brings to light the disciples that were following Jesus were on lock down after Jesus crucifixion...

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GMC or Wife

When “safer at home” lasts weeks and weeks we learn alot about our spouses. My hubby was feeling estranged from his truck. In the past occassionally he would see another GMC Denalli on the road and say “nice truck”. Or he would comment on being able to accelerate in a tight passing or cutoff and move quickly to another lane.

He would spend time washing his precious truck as much as half a day. After he would comment again on some mark that happened by a coworker or by moving something.  We chalked them up as personality and memories. Afterall the GMC was part of the family.

However, recently not being able to drive the truck except for short runs to the grocery store I wondered if we needed to make a spot in the living room for the G...

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Covid Home Cooking

Shanghai Dumplings, Le Creuset inspired Shepherds’s pie, revisited The South Beach Diet for salad dressing and salmon recipes. The most cherished is finding my Great Aunt Bessie’s recipe book from 1992 where I found salmonburgers, some retro cake recipes and chicken strata.

Still working thru the cake and desserts, remember Coca Cola Cake and Apple Brown Betty. It was better than I remembered. Came across Watergate salad. Not going there.

New top favorite: Creamy Chicken with Asparagus. Recipe is on the side of Better Than Bouillon we got a Costco. Here goes:

Saute 12 ounces of cut chicken and 1/2 cup diced red onion in 1 tablespoon butter...

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Covid Humor

A friend sent me this and we can all use humor these days. Proverbs 17:22 A joyfull heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries the bones.

! Half of us are going to come out of this quarantine as amazing cooks. The other half will come out with a drinking problem.

! I used to spin that toilet paper like I was on Wheel of Fortune. Now I turn it like I’m cracking a safe.

! I need to practice social-distancing from the refrigerator

! Still haven’t decided where to go for Easter —The Living Room or The Bedroom

! PSA: every few days try your jeans on just to make sure they fit. Pajamas will have you believe all is well in the kingdom.

! Homeschooling is going well...

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Covid 19 has It’s Moments

Finally back. Had some technical difficulties. Have I got a great story for you.

First, did you know Realtors are an essential service during the “safer at home” lock down? At first this was a not so happy moment when we learned this news.

After being in lock down, only going out for groceries and meds, we got a phone call that the home we are renting is being listed. So same day came the realtor to put the lock on the gate so the home could be shown. That was on friday. Saturday nine am we get a call from the same realtor that she has a client who wants to see the house at one that day.

First reaction, how is this possible? Where would we go? We discuss having time on the back porch while they tour...

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How to Move Your Senior Year in High School

Moving happens and it is very difficult for a teenager. My parents changed jobs and they were with the Federal Government so we knew the drill every few years. I was very established in a large four A school, was major into sports. Reached the achievement of 14 varsity letters in sports in three years.

Needless to say it was not something I wanted to do. My coach asked my parents if I could live with he and his wife. We gave it a-lot of thought but ultimately kept the family together.
As a matter of fact I attended summer school at my new school. There were three schools in the county where we relocated. A huge public school going through a-lot of discord and disruptions, a small private school start up that had sixteen students...

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How to Clear the Coronavirus

Have you heard guys refer to the Corona virus as the Beer Virus? There is a myth incorrectly reported according to the manufacturer that Corona sales took a major dip in sales since the virus came out with it’s name.

My thought is that Corona beer drinkers are much more discerning than to confuse the two. This is being referred to as a pandemic as infected people are showing up sprinkling the USA and saturating other cities.

If you feel extremely vulnerable, or know someone who is, there are several machines that do not use chemicals and are safe for people with breathing problems. The website is and the owner of the business is a retired Air Force Veteran.

Sandy Watkins is his name and he obtained the lic...

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How to Clear a Barbwire Fence

Festus was a miniature donkey. He had a companion, Elizabeth and over the course of a few years they had two stairstep baby girl miniature donkeys. The reason for having donkeys is for protection of the calves.

When a moma cow would have her baby it would attract many prey of which would be cougars, vultures that would take the eyes of the calves. It’s definitely wild kingdom. Then there are coyotes and they are the worst. So Festus was super fiesty. He got into a ruckus with a pack and got all mared up. He healed over but the scars remained on his neck which is where the coyotes grasp on to disable their victim. In this case Festus had come to the rescue of a baby calf born in the early morning...

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Lou Smith was a Neighbor

Margie was a workout buddy that would come over after class in high school. We would run down the back of the rural subdivision road. We had a trail we would run for our conditioning workouts.

The girl ‘s basketball coach would keep a calendar of workouts even in the off season and check up on each of his players to make sure they were staying in shape. We would later go on to win state 4A championship the next year. After running the trail day after day, we had an idea where there was a certain black snake that lived in a hallowed out tree. Many times we would make extra wide passes as the black snake would have his head sticking out of the tree.

Then came one day that black snake was in the road and not moving...

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Back in the Day

It must have been in the 1940,s. Roughly 80 years ago, a lifetime for some of us.

There were five girls in the family and two boys. Susie was the oldest, then there was Nita, Bessie, Maggie and Charlsie. She was the youngest of the girls. Nita was married and Susie was married. They all stayed close by and in the evenings would round up at the old home place and have perpetual supper every night as the men would come through at staggering times to have dinner. Nita would particularly dread this time of night. Her husband would stay way too long at a favorite hangout; watering hole as they would refer to the place. He became particularly inebriated some evenings...