Family, Pony Lady

Back in the Day

It must have been in the 1940,s. Roughly 80 years ago, a lifetime for some of us.

There were five girls in the family and two boys. Susie was the oldest, then there was Nita, Bessie, Maggie and Charlsie. She was the youngest of the girls. Nita was married and Susie was married. They all stayed close by and in the evenings would round up at the old home place and have perpetual supper every night as the men would come through at staggering times to have dinner. Nita would particularly dread this time of night. Her husband would stay way too long at a favorite hangout; watering hole as they would refer to the place. He became particularly inebriated some evenings. The girls would be on the front porch in the swing or the cane chairs planning the next day or shelling beans. There were always meals to prepare for and pies to plan. Here would come Nita’s husband and he was well into his not good altered state. He would set his sights on one of the girls and was not particularly concerned which one would be the object of his intentions.

On this late evening after watching this go on for many nights, turned into months, Charlsie was watching him wobble up the steps onto the porch. His language was colorful and actions harsh. This was extremely emotional for the sisters and very undue. From her purse Charlsie pulled out her 22 and took aim. The man had a limp the rest of his life from the bullet hitting his knee. He never came to the home place after that night. Charlsie would say, “it hit a little lower than I was aiming.” She would refer to stopping the bully at the door, and the sisters were spared the evenings of torment and unwanted, we will call it affections. Though not welcomed advances. In those days women didnt go to court or have support. Ephesians 5 comes to mind. Also Proverbs 6:16 – 19, seven things that are an abomination to God.


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