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BB the Daughter of TT

There was a watch dog  named BB. She was the daughter of TT. They were mutt chihuahua mix with  a fluffy tall, long legs and  big brown eyes.

Where there was the Pony Lady there was BB and before BB, TT. Can you imagine someone took TT. It was devastating, since she had a litter of pups including BB. The most memorable talent BB had was to comfort a person when she knew they were ill. The Pony Lady had a dog bite that required wound care, she took BB with her to rehab. BB would find her way to anyone in anguish and sit with them. She had the run of the facility. Her halloween costume was a big watch which she wore around her waist, she was the official “Watch Dog”. BB covered some miles with the Pony Lady. She covered several states and met lots of people. She knew when someone was hurting and would sit outside their door until they invited her in. BB was a very intuitive girl, she was a beautiful mix of brown and white with huge dark brown eyes. A sweetheart of a girl. The Pony Lady would call to her and she would come running or sometimes ignore her, depending on the mission at hand. BB got so excited to see the Pony Lady on her last visit to her. She sniffed at the body in the coffin and quickly drew back her paws saying her good bye to her beloved keeper. BB went on to visit many in rehab and finally said her goodbye in North Carolina not too long ago. She was very intuitive and a gift in the last hours to many. We will always honor our BB as a special and loving sympathizing pooch. She was the BFF to the Pony Lady. Now they are together in their forever place in heaven.

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