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Blog Overview July 2020

Spiritual Travels Overview of the Site
There may be only one story on this blog that is fiction, artistic license claimed. The stories of the Pony Lady are life experiences with my grandmother now departed. She was a legend. Her stories are gutsy in an era when women did not drive bull doziers and dually 3/4 ton trucks.

Check into the Pony Lady she is a legend with Jimmy Drew Expeditions and my sister and I grew up hauling ponies to fairs and setting up her rides. Her ponies were family, as a matter of fact my pony Judy Lynn used to come into the living room and watch cartoons with me and sometimes Gilligan’s Island, when we were not jumping ditches or pretending to be circus performers.
There are some encouraging spiritual posts, including many books and experiences that have helped me grow to become more spiritually mature. I listed our playlist of a large array of songs and have another list to add soon.
We have to do a lot of travelling with family all over many states. Some of my favorites are finding ways to stay awake on an eight hour drive and reciting titles of country songs when I found WSMV on the radio. Now a TV show.
Animal stories are in the pet section. We have had some very memorable pets. Hemingway was a heartbreak and I had to write about her because sometimes reciting the highlights makes the pain turn into smiling memories. It’s a wonderful life, even with moving during COVID. We have so much more to share.
Hero’s Heart is a tribute to all the workers not missing a beat and adding a symphony during COVID. My profession has been health care for over 35 years, we are in landmark times.
A new addition will be the notes from It dawned on me how I was being lifted, blessed and thought I would share. Since Easter we have been sitting in our cars, listening on the radio at drive-in chuch. Our regular AMC theater location has been closed. Its fun to honk the horns and sit with your dog in the car doing outdoor drive-in services.

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