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God is in Country Music

God is in Country Music
Reba, Dolly, Alan Jackson, Carrie Underwood. Those are some with new great songs out.
Back to God is Reba’s, Dolly Parton comes on strong at the end of Zach Williams singing There Was Jesus. Be a Light is a threesome of Thomas Rett, Keith Urban and Reba McIntyre.
Carrie Underwood sings Let There Be Peace
As for Alan Jackson, I would do the entire album and get the version that shares his daughter’s tribute to him as a father who lead them to have strong relationships with Jesus and each other and their communities and beyond. Tears will show up, get tissues and keep handy. God’s Country by Blake Shelton. People are Crazy by Billy Currington. Funny lyrics God is Great, Beer is Good, People are Crazy...

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Woman versus Nature Part 2

Not sure if you have ever painted an entire house, it is a monster of a task. First it started as a repair job, thinking we were subverting damage of flying boring bees. Then discovering little skinny long black wasps that bure circles into the same woods that were home to the boring bees. So we are up to pesticides now, found something called Wisdom. It is safe for animals we are told and we do have peacocks and baby peacocks so we want to keep everyone safe. It is really a community to watch the moma peacock take her babies on a stroll through a few acres including the front yard and the side yard. The male peacocks come close to the female as if to converse, then they tarry on after checking in...

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Cooking in Chincoteague

Atlantic Road to Chincoteague Island, Virginia is a 13 mile scenic backroad and a beautiful drive through cornfields and country scenery. It follows the coastline and ultimately drops you into a three way stop right in front of a NSA facility. Turning east on Chincoteague road you travel across an elevated roadway on to a long bridge. Nothing like the Cheasapeake Bay Bridge which coming north you traverse thirteen miles of a tunnel, bridge, tunnel, bridge jaunt after forking over $10 or $20 if you are pulling a boat or trailer, etc. So you get to the redlight in Chincoteague, turning right takes you along the bay and thru town. Going straight takes you to the beach on the Atlantic Ocean entering a park offering trails and scenery and of course, the beach...

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Chincoteague Respite

Chincoteague – a Respite
Six glorious days of respite on a wanna be boutique island off the Atlantic Ocean. Chingoteaque is most famous as the home of Misty. She is the pony which a series of childrens books by Maurgarite Henry, were written in 1947, followed by a movie in 1961. Most all of us now middle age read the series in grade school.We brought our daughter here years back to ride one of Misty’s current generation ponies. We just happened to time our visit for the week the pony colts and fillies were being auctioned for adoption. The herd is not domesticated and the mares return to the reserve where they are assured health care and protection. The pony penning is annually exercised by the local Fire Department and is a major fundraiser for supporting the ponies...

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Woman vs. Nature

Woman vs. Nature
Over the last five days, it has been some major investment of time and energy to combat the forces of forty years of weathering logs in a Lincoln log home. Lots of critters have come to call the place home, many harmless. However the most annoying and destructive is the discovery of the boring bees and the devastation they create. Learning about them and how to stop the damage they cause has been a fast track course for evacuating the pests. Even more surprising is the fact that a woodpecker comes to feed on the larvae of the bees and the holes they create in their deep drilling can be up to three or four inches of a lateral drilling session going after the delicacy they apparently crave...

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Country Living

If you have been following this blog for a while, you know we had to move during the lockdown, COVID 19 quarantine.See Window Sill Chicken Salad blog in recipes. So here we are situated in a rural community in South Carolina. Did you hear the one about the difference between hell and South Carolina. It’s the screen door. LOL. So we have a nice place close to a busy stream and a park with a gazebo on one side and a forest in the back. Really sureal after being in the heart of  downtown, then in a community in close quarters to the neighbors.

So there’s this little bluebird family and the daddy bluebird comes to the birdfeeder which is situated just outside the dining room window. He just gets all torn up seeing his reflection in the glass window...

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OneLife Drive In Services

Since Easter in the suburbs of Columbia, SC a budding church plant has been holding sunday worship in the parking lot of an old BiLo that relocated. It has been alot of fun taking the dog with us as we sit in the AC of our car and tune in to 88.7 FM. It appears we may be there a while longer. We had been meeting  at the AMC theater since the inception of our church, but AMC is wanting to open all of their locations at the same time. This idea has been particularly challenging since some theaters are in cities experiencing challenging times these last few months. It’s fun to honk the horns when you are asked a question of support a part of the presenters message. We even had an outdoor drive-in baptism a few weeks ago.

Here goes last sundays notes:
Pastor Pete Hise _OPENS...

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Blog Overview July 2020

Spiritual Travels Overview of the Site
There may be only one story on this blog that is fiction, artistic license claimed. The stories of the Pony Lady are life experiences with my grandmother now departed. She was a legend. Her stories are gutsy in an era when women did not drive bull doziers and dually 3/4 ton trucks.

Check into the Pony Lady she is a legend with Jimmy Drew Expeditions and my sister and I grew up hauling ponies to fairs and setting up her rides. Her ponies were family, as a matter of fact my pony Judy Lynn used to come into the living room and watch cartoons with me and sometimes Gilligan’s Island, when we were not jumping ditches or pretending to be circus performers.
There are some encouraging spiritual posts, including many books and experiences that have helped me g...

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Traveling to MOMs Collectors 28 Chairs and NoWhere to Sit

Have you ever been to a collector’s house? A serious collector of spoons, silver, antiques, statues, china, oyster plates, books, lamps, linens, furniture, add to the list…..

An amazing trait in these personalities is that they find beauty, purpose and interest in each and every item in their gallery collection. Lots of items, broken, imperfect fixer uppers, adaptable items – like Fred Sanford – “I gotta have it, keep it, save it, store it, dream of a purpose or need/use for it.

Recently a great revelation came to me, visiting my mother as I was making a cup of tea early in the morning. The house was quiet, yet very much not quiet as I panned the various landscape of each room. I was looking for a  sitting  spot...

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Morehead City Seagulls/Yorkie Bait

Since I was a little girl Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, North Carolina has been a place we spent summers and many visits. We have family that has since moved  there now for over thirty years.

As long as can be remembered there is a place where you drive your car up and park next to the other waiting cars and place your food order. My favorite is the combo oyster/shrimp burger. It is prepared perfectly and cannot be duplicated. Secret is in the coleslaw and ketchup.

On recent trips I include my husband and Princess my lapdog Yorkie.

On this occasion I was on the passenger side and that is a good thing for what was about to happen. The seagulls had always been a part of the waiting in the parking lot...