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How to Clear a Barbwire Fence

Festus was a miniature donkey. He had a companion, Elizabeth and over the course of a few years they had two stairstep baby girl miniature donkeys. The reason for having donkeys is for protection of the calves.

When a moma cow would have her baby it would attract many prey of which would be cougars, vultures that would take the eyes of the calves. It’s definitely wild kingdom. Then there are coyotes and they are the worst. So Festus was super fiesty. He got into a ruckus with a pack and got all mared up. He healed over but the scars remained on his neck which is where the coyotes grasp on to disable their victim. In this case Festus had come to the rescue of a baby calf born in the early morning...

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Lou Smith was a Neighbor

Margie was a workout buddy that would come over after class in high school. We would run down the back of the rural subdivision road. We had a trail we would run for our conditioning workouts.

The girl ‘s basketball coach would keep a calendar of workouts even in the off season and check up on each of his players to make sure they were staying in shape. We would later go on to win state 4A championship the next year. After running the trail day after day, we had an idea where there was a certain black snake that lived in a hallowed out tree. Many times we would make extra wide passes as the black snake would have his head sticking out of the tree.

Then came one day that black snake was in the road and not moving...

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BB the Daughter of TT

There was a watch dog  named BB. She was the daughter of TT. They were mutt chihuahua mix with  a fluffy tall, long legs and  big brown eyes.

Where there was the Pony Lady there was BB and before BB, TT. Can you imagine someone took TT. It was devastating, since she had a litter of pups including BB. The most memorable talent BB had was to comfort a person when she knew they were ill. The Pony Lady had a dog bite that required wound care, she took BB with her to rehab. BB would find her way to anyone in anguish and sit with them. She had the run of the facility. Her halloween costume was a big watch which she wore around her waist, she was the official “Watch Dog”. BB covered some miles with the Pony Lady...

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Last Exit Leaving Tennessee

Feel it coming, Exit 451.  My sweetheart hails from Maryland but waits for me in South Carolina. I’m a Tennessee girl and taking in the last few minutes to memorize the scenery.

Exit for Townsend if I go right or Newport if I go left. I passed a great coffee shop in Dandridge a few miles back. Passing Del Rio and Gatlinburg. Dad’s place to the left and fun times on the right. Maybe water-rafting or” Hello” to Dolly. Here it comes the next to the last exit where we have to stop and take a dogey walk, time to look at the creek and view the Smokey Mountains.

Mile markers 448.2, 448.6, 448.8 woe. Thinking about being on this curvey road when I was a little person and drinking Nesbitt grape and orange...

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How to Visit Nashville

The lanes of I-40 have been expanded to four coming from the east and west into Nashville a few exits before the airport. Its a good thing but there are some hazards. My stay was  outside the city and I spent a week going to Brentwood on the south side of Nashville from the east suburbs.

In self defense you need to match the traffic speed. It was midday on a friday, the two left lanes were moving very fast. I look up at a sign and see HOV + 2 and I look down at my yorkie in my lap and think, “do I count her or the guardian angel for meeting the HOV+2. As fast as I get this thought a sign comes up that defines the HOV+2 as 2 or more “persons”. Squelch that and move over. Got it.
At least I have the right station for country music and ...

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Asheville to Nashville

Very distracting to drive from Asheville to Nashville in the changing seasons. What an experience.

There are layers of color on mountains. The day we drove, there was snow melting and the trees were bursting out with orange, red and yellow. The road is very curved in places and tractor trailers struggled to make it up the hills and down the reclining elevations which make for all-eyes-on the road. That is a challenge because the scenery is just breathtakingly compelling.

When you hit mile marker 451 that means you are in Tennessee and 451 is the miles from one end to the other for  driving the entire state of Tennessee...

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How to Deal with a Dogbite

Visiting a builder’s home in the neighborhood we were standing in the kitchen of their new home. Then there appeared a hefty lab mix pit bull sort of large dog. He came up to us and we were petting him for some time. While talking to the homeowner and petting looking down occasionally and seeing the dog being still and looking back up.

This went on for a few minutes, more than a few, perhaps ten minutes. For whatever reason the dog suddenly up on his hind legs buries his muzzle in my face next to my nose and in going back down his large upper cuspid fang cuts through my upper lip like butter. Into action we are trying to stop the bleeding and apply ice. I kept saying “I am fine, I am fine”...

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Cheese Spider on Delta from Mexico City

There is a business partner of Delta, called AeroMexico. Besides the many hours on the phone booking the flights for five of us, there is some question that the entire transaction is accurately costed out……… was a matter of wearing down the customer.

On the return trip leaving Mexico City about a week ago, my mother in the middle seat slides her cheese snack to me and appears not able to speak. She is a picky eater and she was nodding her head and waving her hand. My cheese snack was already consumed. Good thing because the next move was to slide a grape and piece of cheese to see a fluffy hairy black spider actively crawling in the plastic container. Quickly I push the button for assistance and cover the critter.

Flight attendant...

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Pony Lady – The Rest of the Story

Harold had left Charlsie for a new love while their daughter was still in high school. Charlsie did come upon Harold and attempt to get him to the hospital when he was on the side of the road in coronary distress.

Ultimately they remained friends till his end.

Charlsie was a tomboy from way back, she was the youngest of seven kids and served as the chauffeur for her father who struggled with polio.

Her mother would attempt to make her more “girl” and one day gave away her overalls. Charlsie, at school, saw the boy wearing her overalls and successfully disrobed him and secured her favorite overalls back into her possession.

Charlsie worked in the family store as a barber, butcher, cashier, and all other necessary functions that require...

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Pony Lady Fact or Fiction

Harold had a dam job. He worked for the TVA and was working to build dams. Harold and Charlsie had one little girl. She was very special, brilliant and clearly she would go to college. The President of her student council and valedictorian of her class, she would be the first female in her family to attend college. One barrier came up.

Charlsie became a widow one day when Harold had a massive coronary event and did not recover. She actually discovered Harold in the course of his onset in his car alongside the country road they lived on.

Charlsie had a home in the country, despite her remote life on the farm she sought opportunities. Life in the country for Charlsie was farming. Once a year she would take the tobacco to market...