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Spiritual Travels Overview of the Site
There may be only one story on this blog that is fiction, artistic license claimed. The stories of the Pony Lady are life experiences with my grandmother now departed. She was a legend. Her stories are gutsy in an era when women did not drive bull doziers and dually 3/4 ton trucks.

Check into the Pony Lady she is a legend with Jimmy Drew Expeditions and my sister and I grew up hauling ponies to fairs and setting up her rides. Her ponies were family, as a matter of fact my pony Judy Lynn used to come into the living room and watch cartoons with me and sometimes Gilligan’s Island, when we were not jumping ditches or pretending to be circus performers.
There are some encouraging spiritual posts, including many books and experiences that have helped me g...

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gmc or wife

It must have been in the 1940,s. Roughly 80 years ago, a lifetime for some of us.

There were five girls in the family and two boys. Susie was the oldest, then there was Nita, Bessie, Maggie and Charlsie. She was the youngest of the girls. Nita was married and Susie was married. They all stayed close by and in the evenings would round up at the old home place and have perpetual supper every night as the men would come through at staggering times to have dinner. Nita would particularly dread this time of night. Her husband would stay way too long at a favorite hangout; watering hole as they would refer to the place. He became particularly inebriated some evenings...

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BB the Daughter of TT

There was a watch dog  named BB. She was the daughter of TT. They were mutt chihuahua mix with  a fluffy tall, long legs and  big brown eyes.

Where there was the Pony Lady there was BB and before BB, TT. Can you imagine someone took TT. It was devastating, since she had a litter of pups including BB. The most memorable talent BB had was to comfort a person when she knew they were ill. The Pony Lady had a dog bite that required wound care, she took BB with her to rehab. BB would find her way to anyone in anguish and sit with them. She had the run of the facility. Her halloween costume was a big watch which she wore around her waist, she was the official “Watch Dog”. BB covered some miles with the Pony Lady...

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How to Prepare for Heaven

Recently reminded of someone dear who went to be with Jesus. She asked me to buy her a large print Bible and help her memorize the Apostles. She wanted to make sure she recognized them when she got to heaven. Well, I’m sure our eyes will be spiritual and this may not apply but she worked hard on that project and her last breath was peaceful.

The book “90 Minutes in Heaven” tells a true story of a pastor who was in an accident and assumed dead as he remained in his car off the side of the road. Another pastor leaving the same conference stopped his car went to the car and crawled from the back of the car and put his hand on the man’s shoulder and prayed and sang. “Jesus loves me” to the man assumed not of this world...

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Just Do It per Grandma

Nike may think they originated the “just do it” phrase. Not so much.  My Grandma who would now be over one hundred, were she still on terra firma, when in conversation would respond to things we were discussing for choices, “just do it”.

Upon travelling to visit her to introduce her to my soon to be husband, we arrived and she had all the counters covered in her upcoming buffet. At least it would be her smorgasbord after moi cooked and prepared it for her. She had pulled most everything from her freezer including fried shrimp, chicken nuggets, chicken liver, (yep) french fries, various vegetables and the makings for cornbread and hot cakes.

While I was instructed to “just do it” in a most loving grandmotherly voice...

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Pony Lady – The Rest of the Story

Harold had left Charlsie for a new love while their daughter was still in high school. Charlsie did come upon Harold and attempt to get him to the hospital when he was on the side of the road in coronary distress.

Ultimately they remained friends till his end.

Charlsie was a tomboy from way back, she was the youngest of seven kids and served as the chauffeur for her father who struggled with polio.

Her mother would attempt to make her more “girl” and one day gave away her overalls. Charlsie, at school, saw the boy wearing her overalls and successfully disrobed him and secured her favorite overalls back into her possession.

Charlsie worked in the family store as a barber, butcher, cashier, and all other necessary functions that require...

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Pony Lady Fact or Fiction

Harold had a dam job. He worked for the TVA and was working to build dams. Harold and Charlsie had one little girl. She was very special, brilliant and clearly she would go to college. The President of her student council and valedictorian of her class, she would be the first female in her family to attend college. One barrier came up.

Charlsie became a widow one day when Harold had a massive coronary event and did not recover. She actually discovered Harold in the course of his onset in his car alongside the country road they lived on.

Charlsie had a home in the country, despite her remote life on the farm she sought opportunities. Life in the country for Charlsie was farming. Once a year she would take the tobacco to market...

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Precious This Time

Precious was third generation morgan. She was the Alpha Mare of the pack of eighteen.

They were a mismatched crew of standard American ponies, walking horses, quarter horses but they all got along, thanks to Precious. She kept things in order. Most of the herd would recognize the blue trailer as a sign of a road trip and we were on for the exercise of “loading”. Well, it may be more accurate to say, walk, hide the ropes and halters, carry a bucket of feed, shake it to make some sounds of swishing feed. Sometimes that works. With unlimited grass and the new growth being bright green, there would be competition for the sweet feed.

Each one had to weigh “do I want the sweet feed and trade my freedom” or “roam the field and be the one to ...

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Grief Resolution

Driving in “just when schools start back” traffic. The phone rings as I wait to pick up the daughter at play practice. The call was to tell me my yota just passed.

We knew she was at risk with the many procedures she had undergone, but I had wanted to be there in the hospital room with her when she departed. My mother described her last breath as peaceful and welcoming. That was good they were together at this time, I finally decided.

Initially I hit the steering wheel, restraining expletives and directing myself to spiritual comforts and thoughts of the legacy my grandmother designed in her eight-seven years. She was a week short of her birthday so her attained age was eighty-seven.

Thank you Lord for my ‘pistol totin,’,’ blue jean ...

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coffee travels

Coffee is a global phenomenon. Really there is no food value, vitamins or nutrients in coffee. However, if you go one day without the morning java, the whole day is off.

Recently reading a book on coffee production, I learned why chicory in coffee is not my preference. Before I never understood why I would not like certain coffees. My grandmother loved coffee with chicory and would look for it in her Folgers, or Maxwell House. Me, I wanted the robust full new roast flavor. After learning of the rise of coffee in the USA and how fillers were added which a lot of us grew to like, I became more discerning in my coffee selections under direction from my taste buds.

The original coffee beans were Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia...