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How to Make Crispy Bacon

Le”Creuset is what most well appointed kitchen pots/vessels are and today I learned something new thanks to Home and Food on the Hallmark channel. There is always that picky someone, in my case, a child, that just wants “crispy” bacon. Many a piece has been passed up due to not being “crispy” enough. That preference follows them into adulthood and cooking skills being developed and honed.

Yemassee, South Carolina, LeCreuset outlet is the wholesale outlet for all the wholesale stores, at least around here. So my collection of dutch ovens is in all shapes and sizes. Finally today mastering the “crispy” bacon, let me share how it happens...

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How to Rock Grits

GRITS. Girls Raised In The South. Got the t-shirt and loved wearing it to Boston where I traveled regularly for work. This is what comes to mind when I see grits as in any grocery store or at the farmers market.

There are different grits meals these days. I just happen to have been part of a winning Shrimp and Grits cooking team and will share a few of the secret ingredients that really set off the dinner meal of shrimp and grits.

The more traditional meal for grits is for breakfast. You know you’re in the south when a line forms upon presentation of a crock pot of grits. Complete with all possible mix-ins. Sausage, bacon, honey, milk, butter, sugar, cheese, salt and pepper. This would be the breakfast setup for grits...

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How to Make a Proper Cup of Tea

Hot tea is soulful. It makes you feel better on a cold day, at breakfast or lunch. In the evening if you have a cough it helps you relax. Of course the hot tea should be suited to the occasion.

Did you know there are references to hot tea in the Bible. You can look them up. Tea has been regarded medicinal since the beginning of time. We fell in love with lavender tea on a trip to Hawaii. In Mexico we frequently had Mayan tea which was similar to Chai with a sweet red pepper spice in it.

There is one way to destroy a lovely cup of tea. We need to share this so we can spare any bitter tea experiences. On a trip to London and a college Eurail summer, we had tea o’le and to this day that is my very favorite way to enjoy tea.

When visiting...

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How to Honor a Reunion

Recently I had the great experience to see my high school best friend. Wow, it was as if no time had passed. We laughed and traded memories. Shortly after I met with another friend and he was meeting up with his high school best friend.

I never heard two grown men giggle so much telling stories of dogs chasing them and how they “took care of it”, what were their old girlfriends up to, going to the drive in movies. What a hoot.

From my best friend I got an old fashioned macaroni and cheese recipe and yes already made a batch. The secret is, well there are many secrets. Use large size elbow macaroni, cook the noodles. Add a stick of butter after cooking and draining the noodles...

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How to Make a Layer Salad

Sometimes a healthy salad hits the spot or adds to an entree. A favorite of my family is the layer salad. Traditionally iceberg lettuce is the foundation layer cut into bite size pieces. We prefer using a spring mix or any favorite lettuce.

Soda City on saturdays, has a hydroponic lettuce guy every weekend from 9 to 1. This gives the option of bib lettuce, boston lettuce or a mix for less than what they charge at a grocery store. $3.50 each.

A few weeks ago, it kind of freaked us out when the paper towel I always put with lettuce, to absorb moisture, turned red on the red bib lettuce. We will not be going back to US Foods Chef store for lettuce options. Anyhow lettuce of choice on the bottom layer of the 9 x 12 pyrex glass container...

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How to Dress a Pizza

Publix is faithful to have housemade pizza dough. Some locations have a refrigerator dedicated to pizza dough . The multigrain dough is a favorite but often it’s slim pickins and we have to go with the plain dough. If you ever tried to make your own dough it’s a science to get the yeast activation in the range of 68 degrees and above and not go over ninety something or the yeast will not activate.

Going with room temperature is safe but finding a Publix is handy and it’s right around three or four dollars. In the pizza sauce section I like to find Contadina pizza sauce. It’s made with Roma tomatoes and its not too thin, not too thick and priced under two dollars...

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2020 in a Few Hours

Sunday as in two going on three days ago I start looking for black eye peas. On the second store the shelf was empty but I found a bag mixed in with other beans. Since they are for good luck I figured we need to start right away and eat black eye peas till New Year’s Day.

Doing it. One more day. Also learned greens are to represent money so we have collard greens. Finally to represent gold we have yellow corn bread.

Luck, green money and gold. If we were in Spain we would be eating twelve white grapes. In Scotland we would welcome a tall dark man after midnight bearing gifts. So what is your plan, just know most resolutions are ended before the end of February.

Kinder and gentler interactions, less TV, better travel planning, more tim...

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Cheese Spider on Delta from Mexico City

There is a business partner of Delta, called AeroMexico. Besides the many hours on the phone booking the flights for five of us, there is some question that the entire transaction is accurately costed out……… was a matter of wearing down the customer.

On the return trip leaving Mexico City about a week ago, my mother in the middle seat slides her cheese snack to me and appears not able to speak. She is a picky eater and she was nodding her head and waving her hand. My cheese snack was already consumed. Good thing because the next move was to slide a grape and piece of cheese to see a fluffy hairy black spider actively crawling in the plastic container. Quickly I push the button for assistance and cover the critter.

Flight attendant...

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Huatulco by Scooter: travel hint

so we dive in to save the exhausted snorkeler. We are all safely in the boat. We stop at Las Palmas to snorkel – new breed of tropical fish. Seeing the man’s face in the stone mountainside and the blow hole under the lighthouse. Saying goodbye to Martilino and his small fleet of boats, he will be daddy on number four soon. Congrats. We think he may have figured out what’s causing this creation event that keeps happening.

Then the night comes. Calculating the taxi fares we got two scooters. Problem: we have five in our group. Travel tip: scooters in Mexico are very reasonable compared to a car rental. (there is an added third party liability in Mexico even if you have insurance coverage) it was to be 2,500 for us over 10 days...

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Travel Tip & Huatulco, Oxacaca, Mexico

When out of town from home there is a new service with the United States Postal Service. We do this if we are gone for over three days. (required minimum) Recently there is an add on option of being able to see the mail that is on hold. Your mail is scanned and you can check in online. The service sends you an email everyday. This has been very helpful since mail ordering for the holidays includes a-lot of online shopping gifts. Now we know….

go to USPS elect to hold mailĀ  and select. There is also a share option.

Huatulco – what a dream. Look past the vacant buildings being replaced by all the new construction. An air of renewal...