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Shepherd’s Pie for Three Wise Men

It’s always fun to find new flavors and ways to prepare favorites. Shepherd’s Pie for Three Wise Men is a favorite this week. Totally covid compliant in individual small skillets served per person.
We started with lean ground beef, I understand lamb is a good mix with ground beef or beef by itself. We are a tad light on access to ground lamb so this is with 85% lean ground round or chuck. Drained to remove the grease that settles in when cooled and to reduce fat ingested. Using olive oil or grapeseed oil cover lightly the bottom of the iron skillets. Add a single layer of cooked meat We added cooked chopped onion in with the meat..Previously prepared vegetable mix is the next layer. We used some left over marina with lima beans, peas and carrots...

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Grilled Pizza

It’s grilling in full swing this time of year. What a break from burgers and hot dogs. This will only work if you can control the temperature of your grill to 400 degrees. A charcoal grill may be a challenge, have not tried that. So start with Naan from the bakery section usually. Grape seed oil or olive oil applied to Naan. We did both sides and the grill. (before it was hot) Coat Naan with thin layer to cover of marinara or choice of pizza sauce. Add pepperoni. In four minutes you have grilled pizza. Stay with it though the temperature may divert dinner. May need more Naan. Ugh. If you get it right, grilled pizza is perfect for a week night quick snack or light dinner.

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In my 1953 “Joy of Cooking” cookbook, there are two pages dedicated to “larding”. Never heard of it. But I have this roast that is needing to be prepared. So we embark, then tweek a tad and here is how it turned out.
Reading the lines “lean meat is often larded, ……French chefs often rub them with garlic and other herbs and dust them with cloves or cinnamon. Count me in. So we switched to the Dutch oven instead of the crock pot. Oven preheated to 350. Using a very pointed serated knife we insert pieces of garlic and cloves and dusted with cinnamon. Yeah we did both. As for the meat tenderizer there were three options. 1. 1 cup French dressing, 2 teaspoons mixed dried herbs, or 2 tablespooons mixed fresh herbs, (it is August, so fresh herbs were used...


The Secret is Nutmeg

Recently found a 1953 “Joy of Cooking” cookbook. Never knew how the strength of vinegar has changed in acidity. Also ran across a casserole recipe which turned out really well. Lately I’ve been using small iron skillets for individual servings. Covid compliant for sure. So for squash casserole I used three pounds of squash sliced fairly thin and cooked till not quite thorough. Patted squash dry on paper towels and set aside. In a large skillets melted on medium high 4 tablespoons of butter and sauteed a small yellow onion. Added back squash with onions, mixed in two beaten slightly eggs and 1/4 cup of mayonnaise, 2.5 teaspoons sugar, 1 teaspoon salt and 1 cup of shredded cheddar. Mixing all added last teaspoon of secret ingredient in title...

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Cooking in Chincoteague

Atlantic Road to Chincoteague Island, Virginia is a 13 mile scenic backroad and a beautiful drive through cornfields and country scenery. It follows the coastline and ultimately drops you into a three way stop right in front of a NSA facility. Turning east on Chincoteague road you travel across an elevated roadway on to a long bridge. Nothing like the Cheasapeake Bay Bridge which coming north you traverse thirteen miles of a tunnel, bridge, tunnel, bridge jaunt after forking over $10 or $20 if you are pulling a boat or trailer, etc. So you get to the redlight in Chincoteague, turning right takes you along the bay and thru town. Going straight takes you to the beach on the Atlantic Ocean entering a park offering trails and scenery and of course, the beach...


What’s Cooking ?

What’s Cooking?
Korean Beef and Creamed corn.
It was the last of the corn in season and it’s a starch, right? So we take the last seven ears from the local farm and boil the corn, then we cut the corn off the cob. Did you know a bundt pan works perfectly to situate the corn in the center and cut the kernels off? Me either, but this technique has been adopted and keeps things from becoming so messy. The top of the knife is used to scrape the cob to release the milk in the corn cob. Taking about half of the corn, puree it with half and half in a food processor then combine with all the corn. Salt and pepper to taste, then add 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne. Keep warm over medium heat, reduce to low when thoroughly warmed. “Yum” was what the guest uttered, followed by “with a kick”...

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Blog Overview July 2020

Spiritual Travels Overview of the Site
There may be only one story on this blog that is fiction, artistic license claimed. The stories of the Pony Lady are life experiences with my grandmother now departed. She was a legend. Her stories are gutsy in an era when women did not drive bull doziers and dually 3/4 ton trucks.

Check into the Pony Lady she is a legend with Jimmy Drew Expeditions and my sister and I grew up hauling ponies to fairs and setting up her rides. Her ponies were family, as a matter of fact my pony Judy Lynn used to come into the living room and watch cartoons with me and sometimes Gilligan’s Island, when we were not jumping ditches or pretending to be circus performers.
There are some encouraging spiritual posts, including many books and experiences that have helped me g...

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Window Sill Herb Chicken Salad

So moving during a quarantine, packing, organizing, planning furniture in a new space……on it goes. Then there is lunch…..”Honey, you make the best chicken salad, let’s have that for lunch.” Really? We just packed up the kitchen utensils and all that is left is the refrigerator contents. We like eggs in the chicken salad, oops no pot for boiling. Then there is one iron skillet – ahah! Never boiled eggs in an iron skillet? Heat and water on the stove. It works. So shredding chicken with two plastic forks, okay. Then to the other ingredients, we like Dave’s Hot pickles chopped coursely. The usual salt, white pepper, already packed and moved in boxes.

Then a glance to the window over the sink and there sits my herbs. So snipping parsley, chives, thyme and then there was dill in the back yard...

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Covid Home Cooking

Shanghai Dumplings, Le Creuset inspired Shepherds’s pie, revisited The South Beach Diet for salad dressing and salmon recipes. The most cherished is finding my Great Aunt Bessie’s recipe book from 1992 where I found salmonburgers, some retro cake recipes and chicken strata.

Still working thru the cake and desserts, remember Coca Cola Cake and Apple Brown Betty. It was better than I remembered. Came across Watergate salad. Not going there.

New top favorite: Creamy Chicken with Asparagus. Recipe is on the side of Better Than Bouillon we got a Costco. Here goes:

Saute 12 ounces of cut chicken and 1/2 cup diced red onion in 1 tablespoon butter...

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How to Make Crispy Bacon

Le”Creuset is what most well appointed kitchen pots/vessels are and today I learned something new thanks to Home and Food on the Hallmark channel. There is always that picky someone, in my case, a child, that just wants “crispy” bacon. Many a piece has been passed up due to not being “crispy” enough. That preference follows them into adulthood and cooking skills being developed and honed.

Yemassee, South Carolina, LeCreuset outlet is the wholesale outlet for all the wholesale stores, at least around here. So my collection of dutch ovens is in all shapes and sizes. Finally today mastering the “crispy” bacon, let me share how it happens...