psalm for 2020 Spiritual

Ileum Doneoldeu Psalm for 7.25.2020

In the quiet of the moment
I can hear your whispers in the wind
Leading me on this journey
I will follow your footprints in the sand

I will learn from all mistakes
Put my faith in the palm of your hand
I never walk alone
For you are with me everywhere

There is no darkness that can overtake me
For your light shines so bright it will never flee
With angels all around
Planting my feet on solid ground

No words can defeat me
I am a Lion in your den
For as long as I can see
You forgive me of all my sins

Return, Return
There is no war left to win
I will cast away all doubt
I am a Lion in your den
In victory I will shout

Proclaim you as my King
Your the song within my heart
The melody I long to sing

Return, Return
There is no war left to win
I will cast away all doubt
I am a Lion in your den
It wi...

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Cooking in Chincoteague

Atlantic Road to Chincoteague Island, Virginia is a 13 mile scenic backroad and a beautiful drive through cornfields and country scenery. It follows the coastline and ultimately drops you into a three way stop right in front of a NSA facility. Turning east on Chincoteague road you travel across an elevated roadway on to a long bridge. Nothing like the Cheasapeake Bay Bridge which coming north you traverse thirteen miles of a tunnel, bridge, tunnel, bridge jaunt after forking over $10 or $20 if you are pulling a boat or trailer, etc. So you get to the redlight in Chincoteague, turning right takes you along the bay and thru town. Going straight takes you to the beach on the Atlantic Ocean entering a park offering trails and scenery and of course, the beach...


Ileum Doneoldeu Psalm for 7.24.2020

Who Among You is Chosen

I have cried a thousand tears
That you have collected after all these years
To live a life with no more fears

With every promise
Through every praise

Hallelujah, better days
Who Among You is Chosen

Can you hear me when I pray
I look to you in every way
To live free each blessed day

With every battle
Through every hurt
Only strengthens me in you my mighty Lord

Hallelujah, this much remains

So I ask who among you is chosen
For His grace will bring you joy
May His love give you hope

With every prayer
Through every blessing

Hallelujah, rejoice

psalm for 2020 Spiritual

Ileum Doneoldeu Psalm for 7.22.2020

Take me to the river Jordan
So that I may rest my weary head
Let the waters wash over me
Take my sins out to sea
How I long to be in His presence
My savior come and rescue me
Living in a world consumed with chaos
My Lord proclaims I am redeemed
He gives strength to the weak and defenseless
And grace for all eternity
Take me to the highest mountain
So I might hear the mighty trumpet sound
Oh Lord break these chains that keep me bound
The only truth lies in your word
Restore my heart and make my spirit soar
It is then I will find true peace
For my God you are the king
So He says I am redeemed…
I am redeemed
The Lord said to Moses Spiritual


There is an amazing selection of various countries and cities singing a blessing over their homes and places. It is quite profound, they are bold in their faith and cite it beautifully in their singing. A few that we enjoy are the versions from UK which is listed above. This is arranged by a gifted composer and singer. Some of his personal recordings show him playing accoustic and regular electric giotar, piano and drums. He can sing up to six parts and harmonizes acappella brilliantly. Other Blessing versions include Hawaii, with virtual singers from every island and from many denominations in the backgound is the scenery of islands. Beautiful. Another Blessing version is Malaysia. There is a Hebrew and an Arab version on Utube. The Irish shows landscape views of Ireland...

psalm for 2020 Spiritual

Ileum Doneoldeu Psalm for July 18, 2020

When you are weary
He will bring you strength
When you are hopeless
He will fulfill the void
So bless this house
And bring us peace
Bless this house
Give us faith
When the seas get rough
And life seems tough
Nail your sins at the cross
And plant your feet on the rock
So bless this house
And bring us hope
Bless this house
So we can be a message of love
For the faithful will be strong
Foundations for living stones
Have mercy on us Lord
Grace forevermore
So bless this house
And I will live in peace
Bless this house
So the weary can rest
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Woman vs. Nature

Woman vs. Nature
Over the last five days, it has been some major investment of time and energy to combat the forces of forty years of weathering logs in a Lincoln log home. Lots of critters have come to call the place home, many harmless. However the most annoying and destructive is the discovery of the boring bees and the devastation they create. Learning about them and how to stop the damage they cause has been a fast track course for evacuating the pests. Even more surprising is the fact that a woodpecker comes to feed on the larvae of the bees and the holes they create in their deep drilling can be up to three or four inches of a lateral drilling session going after the delicacy they apparently crave...

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OneLife Drive In Services

Since Easter in the suburbs of Columbia, SC a budding church plant has been holding sunday worship in the parking lot of an old BiLo that relocated. It has been alot of fun taking the dog with us as we sit in the AC of our car and tune in to 88.7 FM. It appears we may be there a while longer. We had been meeting  at the AMC theater since the inception of our church, but AMC is wanting to open all of their locations at the same time. This idea has been particularly challenging since some theaters are in cities experiencing challenging times these last few months. It’s fun to honk the horns when you are asked a question of support a part of the presenters message. We even had an outdoor drive-in baptism a few weeks ago.

Here goes last sundays notes:
Pastor Pete Hise _OPENS...

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Blog Overview July 2020

Spiritual Travels Overview of the Site
There may be only one story on this blog that is fiction, artistic license claimed. The stories of the Pony Lady are life experiences with my grandmother now departed. She was a legend. Her stories are gutsy in an era when women did not drive bull doziers and dually 3/4 ton trucks.

Check into the Pony Lady she is a legend with Jimmy Drew Expeditions and my sister and I grew up hauling ponies to fairs and setting up her rides. Her ponies were family, as a matter of fact my pony Judy Lynn used to come into the living room and watch cartoons with me and sometimes Gilligan’s Island, when we were not jumping ditches or pretending to be circus performers.
There are some encouraging spiritual posts, including many books and experiences that have helped me g...

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Traveling to MOMs Collectors 28 Chairs and NoWhere to Sit

Have you ever been to a collector’s house? A serious collector of spoons, silver, antiques, statues, china, oyster plates, books, lamps, linens, furniture, add to the list…..

An amazing trait in these personalities is that they find beauty, purpose and interest in each and every item in their gallery collection. Lots of items, broken, imperfect fixer uppers, adaptable items – like Fred Sanford – “I gotta have it, keep it, save it, store it, dream of a purpose or need/use for it.

Recently a great revelation came to me, visiting my mother as I was making a cup of tea early in the morning. The house was quiet, yet very much not quiet as I panned the various landscape of each room. I was looking for a  sitting  spot...