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Catitude Done Right post 2 of 2

so Hemingway in Brentwood the yard was small and the dogs were large, she got pierced by the very large sabers of the neighbors dogs….but recovered well and stayed close to her home, mostly birdwatching, napping dominating a bedroom of the “off to college” room, loving the sun warming her on the middle of the bed. CATITUDE entrenching.

At the lake she profiled nicely on the back deck overlooking the water, watching fishing boats and neighbors she would visit regularly on their deck and in the garden. From across the street was another large tooth piercing, this time on her curled ears into her head, nurturing and reviving she layed low, retreating to the deck and  now her choice of beds depending on the eastern or western sun and the time of day.

Friends were easy for Hemingway – her laithy gorgeous self big, glossy greene eyes and a pouty grey set of lips inside her white face under her black lined eyes. A HOT C.A.T She had Wosie the Yorkie, they chase toys together, mostly balls and feathers. Her bunkmate was Artemis, a napper and three times as small –  munchkin Yorkie.

Humanswere her favorite, afterall she had been in more houses and neighborhoods than most realtors. However, one of her dearest friends was a realtor, in the early years shw would stay all night with neighbors who would boast about her loving companionship. Hemingway was not a hugger. She chose the moments for encounters which could end in a tail slash or prance from grasp. She would allow a lift now and then when feeling affectionate. Letting you know when she wanted outside or to come inside, she would walk you to the door and stand on her hind legs with her paws in the air to get back inside which could occur several times out one door, in the other.

Hemingway got in the  trailer (RV) when her last move occurred , she went for a ride and came flying out when we stopped. She quickly learned the layout of her birthplace.

Around the world and home again, this C.A.T. suffered a seizure and will be greatly misssed by her family and friends. Twelve wonderful years of love and friendship, thankful there was no lingered suffering. Appreciation for the Emergency Pet Clinic in Chattanooga, Tennessee. CPR, IV and  alot of compassion. Miss you my sweet kitty friend. You taught us well how to befriend a C.A.T.

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