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Co-Dependent vs Making a Choice to Be a Kingdom Agent

Co-dependant vs Making a Choice to Be a Kingdom Agent
Recently in what I felt was a great contribution to salvage an old house being withered away by exposure to the elements, someone made the comment that we were co-dependent. It really took me back. Afterall I read the book “CoDependent No-more” by Melanie Beatty. What I recall was realizing there is a choice when taking on decisions. What I had decided is if this is what would honor God, show others the joy in my relationship with Him, possibly change someone’s connection with feeling the love God has for all of His peoples then I would heart, soul and mind search it. My decision would be my choice. Most of the time, I am not asked, I offer and that is because it is my blessing to give my time and effort to someone evolving or growing spiritually, or new to knowing Jesus. I truly feel we grow in our spiritual maturity when we give to others who cannot help themselves or doesn’t have the means, energy or time to accomplish something that improves their life and grows their love for peace in the relationship with the Lord. It also knocks down a barrier to find time for seeking a relationship and actively shows joy in serving. Faith saves us, not works. Got it. We are however to help our neighbors and family and others in our journey. My heart expands to experience happy moments of celebration in a shared meal, improvement in a home or a gardening task. It is my choice to be there in that moment. So this house was over the top damaged and in need of pest control, repair of the damage and protection going forward. So either it goes into disrepair and has no use or value to anyone or gets a makeover and go on to either a new owner or family member. A kingdom agent assignment is what is right for how to care for each other and show Christ-like love, compassion, kindness, patience and understanding all for His glory and kingdom to know each of us. So it is in the moment you are referred to as “co-dependent” to know where they are and knock on their heart and introduce them to the grace, love and mercy in a mind shifting paradigm.
1st Peter 4:10 ESV As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.

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