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Cooking in Chincoteague

Atlantic Road to Chincoteague Island, Virginia is a 13 mile scenic backroad and a beautiful drive through cornfields and country scenery. It follows the coastline and ultimately drops you into a three way stop right in front of a NSA facility. Turning east on Chincoteague road you travel across an elevated roadway on to a long bridge. Nothing like the Cheasapeake Bay Bridge which coming north you traverse thirteen miles of a tunnel, bridge, tunnel, bridge jaunt after forking over $10 or $20 if you are pulling a boat or trailer, etc. So you get to the redlight in Chincoteague, turning right takes you along the bay and thru town. Going straight takes you to the beach on the Atlantic Ocean entering a park offering trails and scenery and of course, the beach. If you are lucky enough to rent a place with a kitchen or have family in the area, that is the best option. In this current land of quarantine, whether by mask or distance, cooking at home is most enjoyable and finding local seafood is not difficult. We opted for the local crab, shrimp, oysters, scallops in the course of a week.  There are alot of fresh vegetables this time of year, so we used what was available from the garden.

Kabobs on the beach which were sculpted at home were really a tasty treat. Using the garden vegetables and some mushrooms we learned the fat round bellas are best for skewers, the cut ones break. So we did squash, zucchini, red onion, mushrooms and layered with scallop and shrimp on one and london broil on the other. We brushed on homemade vinaigrettes, sweet for the seafood and vinaigrette with no sugar for the beef. Then we grilled fresh local corn. Watermelon, cantelope and blueberries for dessert. That was day one.

Still frequenting the garden, we combined all the herbs such as basil, thyme, oregano and rosemary to make a marinade for the vegetables to roast in the oven and cut up a chicken. Roasting 45 minutes at 425. The vegetables made a bed for the chicken, leaving skin on, and we added cut up potatoes. Basting the chicken in the herbs with grape seed oil, or oil of choice. I like grape seed since it wont burn or have a taste, just gets the herbs on the chicken. Day two.

On day three we revisited the spiralized zucchini and squash to use for an alfredo sauce since the frig offered many cheeses. Using a med heat of oil and butter making sure bottom is covered completely, we sauteed onion, green was called for but we used a white onion because that is what we had on hand. Chopping and smashing garlic till minced we sauted with the onion. Slowly adding heavy cream then shredded cheeses. Fontina, parmesean, and a small amount of blue cheese all locally made, then the final ingredient was a large cup and a half of basil. Memorable over the zucchini and squash. Last minute we added pulled cooked crab and shrimp in individual servings. Really it was lucious.

Earlier in the day we had used the shrimp and crab in an attempted tom kha. There were no limes leaves, galanga on the island stores so we improvised with ginger and added noodles from arrival night spaghetti. Added cocunut milk, voila. Double down delectible. It was indelible family times and created memories, laughed alot, prayed and thanked God for his bounty being shared with us. Oh and for the blueberries, picked locally made into cobbler and ice cream. That is the Creators intentions for us to enjoy and we did.

I also got Kombucha lessons which will come some time in the future after what I am working on comes “to life”. So one thing I would say is visiting family, not matter where they are can be enriching, even in COVID 19 times.

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