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If you have been following this blog for a while, you know we had to move during the lockdown, COVID 19 quarantine.See Window Sill Chicken Salad blog in recipes. So here we are situated in a rural community in South Carolina. Did you hear the one about the difference between hell and South Carolina. It’s the screen door. LOL. So we have a nice place close to a busy stream and a park with a gazebo on one side and a forest in the back. Really sureal after being in the heart of  downtown, then in a community in close quarters to the neighbors.

So there’s this little bluebird family and the daddy bluebird comes to the birdfeeder which is situated just outside the dining room window. He just gets all torn up seeing his reflection in the glass window. We learned that the screens were removed and that would help this poor overanxious, protector of his nest and little ones in it, along with the moma bluebird.

Having a Yorkie, she sees the birds at the feeder and jumps in a chair by the window to growl and bark. With serious encouragement, the hubby starts encouraging her, to “go get em”. We leave the back door cracked and she runs to the side where the birds are now long gone. We put up another bluebird feeder and low and behold a squirrel is balancing on the swinging feeder. Yep the Yorkie sees the squirrel, she takes off and nearly catches the squirrel, till it climbs a tree. Then one day a family of deer come through the yard, there she goes, I don’t think the Yorkie has ever seen a deer. She runs without fear to chase a deer, all seven pounds giving it all she can. Not sure if we are protecting the house or if she wants to catch one of these creatures.

This is alot more drama than we thought possible living in the peaceful, or so we thought, countryside. Next there was canning, pickling and preserving………We are well entertained.

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