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Covid 19 has It’s Moments

Finally back. Had some technical difficulties. Have I got a great story for you.

First, did you know Realtors are an essential service during the “safer at home” lock down? At first this was a not so happy moment when we learned this news.

After being in lock down, only going out for groceries and meds, we got a phone call that the home we are renting is being listed. So same day came the realtor to put the lock on the gate so the home could be shown. That was on friday. Saturday nine am we get a call from the same realtor that she has a client who wants to see the house at one that day.

First reaction, how is this possible? Where would we go? We discuss having time on the back porch while they tour. Nah! Then we move in to what if they touch door knobs and light switches. So I ramp thru the house opening doors and turning on all light switches. So we leave and go to the store, wink, wink.

Later on that same saturday, we get a call from the owner that he has a full price offer and could we be out in a few weeks and he will return our deposit. Uh, okay.

So now we have met the insurance guy for the new owners, the termite guy for the seller and had to clear out for the inspector and today again for a second inspector.

Yes, so glad you asked! We have made an offer on a house and we have a place to rent in case that falls through. Thankful for the Realtors being essential service people since we are ousted during a quarantine.

We were delivered these options after our Matthew 7: 7 Ask, Seek, Knock and it was given and we are thankful. We also got a moving truck with a lift on the back and attended drive in church with OneLifeChurch.net check it out.

Be safe, use good judgement and have faith and there is always hope. We are on episode six of The Chosen on Utube. So very blessed.




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