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GMC or Wife

When “safer at home” lasts weeks and weeks we learn alot about our spouses. My hubby was feeling estranged from his truck. In the past occassionally he would see another GMC Denalli on the road and say “nice truck”. Or he would comment on being able to accelerate in a tight passing or cutoff and move quickly to another lane.

He would spend time washing his precious truck as much as half a day. After he would comment again on some mark that happened by a coworker or by moving something.  We chalked them up as personality and memories. Afterall the GMC was part of the family.

However, recently not being able to drive the truck except for short runs to the grocery store I wondered if we needed to make a spot in the living room for the GMC Denalli. The song lyrics “I love my truck, she’s right outside”. Well we had to drive to “find” a place that had some kind of attachment and took a long twenty five minute drive to pick it up and I just wondered about Home Depot or Lowes. We passed several on the way and now it occurs to me that there may have been a need to spend some time in the truck. On the drive the hubby starts talking about last oil change and what may be coming up for maintenance, last time he updated the wipers. He opened the back window and referenced the new stearing wheel on order for the last few months. Apparently there was a work stoppage and production had not caught up.

By now I am feeling the love for the GMC and thinking “is this okay to feel such attachment to a motor in a frame?” We have moved alot, hauled alot, and there she was for us each and every time. We had a serious offer to buy the truck, but that’s as far as the conversation went. Not even a response on our end as if it was a rhetorical question. I got it, we could move the furniture to the truck bed and the TV to the garage. Okay GMC living room, it could work. These days we are attending Drive-in church.

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