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Hero’s Heart

Hero’s Heart

H: hope, heart, honest, helpful, hearing, healer
E: earnest, enthusiastic, eager, expert
A: ample, artist, authoritative, active, anticipative
R: reliable, real, rightous, responsible, respectable
T: trustworthy, talented, true-blue, tried & true,THERE

? There was a girl in high school, she dreamed of helping others
? There was a boy in grade school, he wanted to change the world
? There was a lady unhappy in her career, she searched for a job that appreciated her
? A man of great vision worked hard to advance his education
? A young mother struggled to get her GED, she wanted to support her family
? A second generation immigrant makes plans of being the first college graduate in generations of laborers
? An immigrant young girl yearns to the first female in her family to be a college student
? A legacy heir dreams of following in the footsteps of the family vocation

Healthcare, First Responders, Teachers, Servants of Humanity, Professions found them……………………….
In the core of their consciousness was the drumming heart of a hero. The heart with constant drumming to help others.
No matter if others were not grateful, appreciative or kind.
In the fragile epic moments of great dependence on the character and skill of the hero heart;
i. a life is saved
ii. a life is changed
iii. a child sees the hero’s heart
iv. a mother feels the need to trust
v. a father learns
vi. a grandparent shares
vii. a coworker appreciates
Rewards come in small moments; of teamwork, smiles of appreciation, of held eye contact, of tears, of relentless hours of continued pressure therein lies the growing Hero

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