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How Not to Shake Hands

The world watches as two of our countries most influential elected officials interact. There can be many directions to take the missed handshake, the snubbed handshake, the delay of offer on the handshake. Like in a review of a football play more diligent observation must be performed.

From my angle he turned and was not seeing the hand, he was at a nine-o’clock facing position. Question: If you were being fired and had not exchanged any dialog or communication for five months from the person, would you expect a handshake? That’s one scenario. On the other hand, no pun intended, was the delay to turn the acceptance of the pages of the speech and the handshake to be simultaneous or deliberately delayed to avoid the completion of the handshake? Hmmm. Or could it be the extended hand was to Madame Pelosi that she was willing to accept President Trump as an agreed adversary and move on?

Handshakes between adversaries are historical such as athletes refusing to shake hands if they were accused of inappropriate behavior by the adversary and held from games. Even completed handshakes have not secured the parties from further conflict. Without a doubt, handshakes are greetings, seals deals, commits conversation, deals, agreements.

The one time someone withheld their hand upon greeting, he explained he was germophobic and “doesn’t do handshakes”. That works for me. Handshakes are awkward given you don’t know where they have been or if recently washed. Which brings me to those alcohol dispensers, wonder if they have those on Capital Hill. There is a serious virus going around you know

Regardless of why the handshake did not occur, the ripping up of the President’s speech reminds me to go read “Everything I Need to Know, I learned in Kindergarten”. For a person to put their disdain and unbridled rage into a camera for the entire world to see. Wow. About this weeks confession?! Better get there. Both of you are God’s creations living your dash on this side of terra firma. Oh, and I have a book for you in case you forgot the things you learned in kindergarten.

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