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How to Break in a Fairmont

In high school one of my girlfriends got a new car. We were intent on a spur of the moment road trip and thought it would be a good idea to drive to Gatlinburg and have donuts watching the sun rise.

Okay. First I had to sneak out for the night so we waited till after bedtime and got on the road. We piled into the brand spanking new silver Fairmont and embarked on the adventure. It was a four hour drive to the mountains in a regular V-6.

We got to the infamous four mile hill  near Monterey, Tennessee, and when the trucks were passing us we knew leaning forward was not gonna get it. Eventually we made it up the hill but it put a crunch in the timeline since one of us had to be back for work in the morning. Still we persevered for the mission of a sunset and a donut in Gatlinburg.

Needless to say there are mountains to climb, Gatlinburg is at the peak of the Smokey Mountains, and a four cylinder has its limits with a heavy metal body(this was before fiberglass). We got to Gatlinburg, took in the sunset, the d0nut shop was not open yet.

The Fairmont got its initiation trip and we cherish the memory, laughing and leaning. Nobody missed me and we all got to our obligations that day. We could have gone west and checked out where the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers come together or to  Memphis and said “I did it my way” to Elvis. That would have been a trip without mountains or a gorgeous sunrise over hills.  It’s one for the books and we laugh when we think about it. Never got those donuts. I’m heading to a donut shop for celebrating the memory. Here’s to the Fairmont. Toast a Krispy Kreme, hot and ready.

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