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How to Clear a Barbwire Fence

Festus was a miniature donkey. He had a companion, Elizabeth and over the course of a few years they had two stairstep baby girl miniature donkeys. The reason for having donkeys is for protection of the calves.

When a moma cow would have her baby it would attract many prey of which would be cougars, vultures that would take the eyes of the calves. It’s definitely wild kingdom. Then there are coyotes and they are the worst. So Festus was super fiesty. He got into a ruckus with a pack and got all mared up. He healed over but the scars remained on his neck which is where the coyotes grasp on to disable their victim. In this case Festus had come to the rescue of a baby calf born in the early morning. Due to Festus we never lost a calf to prey.

We took care of his wounds and he made it, older and wiser for the experience. The herd of angus was not huge but the baby calves would come close to the same time of year. In the off season as we would say, Festus knew how to get his little donkey family into the fields where he thought the “grass was greener”.  Really not, all the same but no fences. He would be out in the middle of an open field in front of the fenced areas with his entourage. It took us a while to figure out how he could get out of the field, after-all he was a miniature donkey.

We caught him in the act of showing the ponies how to get out of the field. He found a place in the fence over a stream and there were no rocks in the bed of the creek. It was a deep stream. He would get down on his front legs and roll under the fence. Amazing. He was encouraging the ponies to do the same. His little group were regulars to go where ever they wanted. Seldom would they leave the farm, but occasionally we would get a call from the neighbor to come get Festus and crew. A bucket of feed and no contest.

We did block his exit to put an end to his mischief, but he was a smart guy too. No one could get more attention, he had to be the center of the universe, a universe with no boundaries if you are a witty little donkey.  The ponies didnt go too much for Festus affection so he got kicked when he would become overly donkey dog.

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