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How to Clear the Coronavirus

Have you heard guys refer to the Corona virus as the Beer Virus? There is a myth incorrectly reported according to the manufacturer that Corona sales took a major dip in sales since the virus came out with it’s name.

My thought is that Corona beer drinkers are much more discerning than to confuse the two. This is being referred to as a pandemic as infected people are showing up sprinkling the USA and saturating other cities.

If you feel extremely vulnerable, or know someone who is, there are several machines that do not use chemicals and are safe for people with breathing problems. The website is and the owner of the business is a retired Air Force Veteran.

Sandy Watkins is his name and he obtained the license/patent for distribution of these machines to the USA and Mexico.  Reba who shows up every saturday, AKA my husband. He was a middle child and the next one came 14 years later so he was Reba, his moma’s, worker bee around the house. We have a machine and I have to say, it cleans fabric, furniture surfaces, and carpet or any surface of flooring. Pet dander, soiling or bathroom walls, showers and floors come amazingly clean and odor free. The secret is the extreme temperature of the steam and there are many attachments for each type of surface, even grout. So you don’t breath chemical residue and your home is odor free. The equipment sanitizes all surfaces in all rooms. Windows, toilets, and vehicles. Some machines have blue light that show what has been lifted. There are strips that will show bacteria before and after cleaning a surface. The over 300 degree temperature eliminates germs.

The equipment has a sanitization certification which is very involved to test for and obtain, not to mention very expensive and involving alot of agency specifications and measurements. There are residential models and commercial models. The equipment is applying for medical device registration to address blood and body fluids.

Tell Sandy – Reba or jotonthespot recommended and perhaps he will give a discount. It’s worth a try. Cleanliness next to Godliness as Reba would say. This is sanitizing to the enth degree.

Sandy Watkins (US Air Force Veteran)


Cleaner Solutions International, LLC.

South Carolina based Veteran/Minority owned business

Office (803) 262-0677

Cell (631) 742-5618



YouTube: Cleaner Solutions International You Tube Channel

LinkedIn: Cleaner Solutions International LinkedIn


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