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How to Honor a Reunion

Recently I had the great experience to see my high school best friend. Wow, it was as if no time had passed. We laughed and traded memories. Shortly after I met with another friend and he was meeting up with his high school best friend.

I never heard two grown men giggle so much telling stories of dogs chasing them and how they “took care of it”, what were their old girlfriends up to, going to the drive in movies. What a hoot.

From my best friend I got an old fashioned macaroni and cheese recipe and yes already made a batch. The secret is, well there are many secrets. Use large size elbow macaroni, cook the noodles. Add a stick of butter after cooking and draining the noodles. Add a half a can of sweetened condensed milk and a can of evaporated milk, some paprika, salt and pepper. Transfer to a dish for the oven set at 350 degrees. I like to make small portions in small baking dishes for sharing and individual portions. Add velveeta chunks that will melt in the oven. Stir the soupy mixture to mix in the cheese. Some recipes use sharp cheddar with the velveeta. When it starts bubbling in the oven stir the mixture and remove as it browns on top.

One fun thing to do while cooking is to play some great worship songs. Nicole Mullen sings “When you Call on Jesus” and you can rock out on him moving mountains when you call on him. Nicole does “Redeemer” like no other. We ended the macaroni cooking session with, “The More I Seek Him” scripture reference Deut. 4:29

Now if I can just get the fried chicken recipe to go with the macaroni and cheese. Oh, and the secret on dog repellent was Lux in a spray bottle. Back then there were no leash laws and dogs ran free. Free to chase and bite which they did in herds, like a team of bandits.

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  • jennifer lynn williams

    I am going to hold out on giving yoou the fried chicken just to get you to move closer. HAHAHA


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