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How to Make a Proper Cup of Tea

Hot tea is soulful. It makes you feel better on a cold day, at breakfast or lunch. In the evening if you have a cough it helps you relax. Of course the hot tea should be suited to the occasion.

Did you know there are references to hot tea in the Bible. You can look them up. Tea has been regarded medicinal since the beginning of time. We fell in love with lavender tea on a trip to Hawaii. In Mexico we frequently had Mayan tea which was similar to Chai with a sweet red pepper spice in it.

There is one way to destroy a lovely cup of tea. We need to share this so we can spare any bitter tea experiences. On a trip to London and a college Eurail summer, we had tea o’le and to this day that is my very favorite way to enjoy tea.

When visiting the Ritz in London you are delivered an entire accompaniments of tea tools. This was my introduction to proper enjoyment of tea.

It does take a little thought to figure out how to make the tea. No matter the containers or cups, the most important is the time for brewing the tea. The standard is three minutes then remove the tea bag or loose tea. Never boil the tea, rather pour the boiling water in with the tea.

Tea for any time is awesome and hydrating. Tea with cream and sugar. O’le. Revelation 22:2 The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. Nations partake, we need some healing.

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