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How to Make Crispy Bacon

Le”Creuset is what most well appointed kitchen pots/vessels are and today I learned something new thanks to Home and Food on the Hallmark channel. There is always that picky someone, in my case, a child, that just wants “crispy” bacon. Many a piece has been passed up due to not being “crispy” enough. That preference follows them into adulthood and cooking skills being developed and honed.

Yemassee, South Carolina, LeCreuset outlet is the wholesale outlet for all the wholesale stores, at least around here. So my collection of dutch ovens is in all shapes and sizes. Finally today mastering the “crispy” bacon, let me share how it happens. In a dutch oven on top of the stove, the secret is using medium heat in the dutch oven open, of course. It does take time so prepare for a wait. Depending on the stove-top, time may be longer or less, mine took 12 minutes. However the result was the most wonderful crispy bacon and that lead to a fine bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich.

Interesting about bacon derived from a split hoof swine. Thank you Jesus for giving us a new covenant that freed us from the old testament instructions for eating. (and living) References are in the new testament found in Mark 7:15  “It is the heart that defiles us not what goes into the stomach.” Matthew 15:17 is also the same message. Paul writes in Timothy 4:1-5 “for every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused.” Receive with thanksgiving. Yes sir.

About that crispy bacon, the instructions were found in a recipe for clam chowder by Danielle Kartes at Hallmark Channel recipes.  She states “this chowder is like a big, warm bread hug for your belly. My LeCreuset is getting a new venture and finally mastering the crispy bacon. Awesome. Feel like the dog snack commercial, “bacon, bacon, bacon”.



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