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How to Move Your Senior Year in High School

Moving happens and it is very difficult for a teenager. My parents changed jobs and they were with the Federal Government so we knew the drill every few years. I was very established in a large four A school, was major into sports. Reached the achievement of 14 varsity letters in sports in three years.

Needless to say it was not something I wanted to do. My coach asked my parents if I could live with he and his wife. We gave it a-lot of thought but ultimately kept the family together.
As a matter of fact I attended summer school at my new school. There were three schools in the county where we relocated. A huge public school going through a-lot of discord and disruptions, a small private school start up that had sixteen students. The last option was a military school named Castle Heights Military Academy. They did not have a girls basketball team nor a golf team, which I had been medalist in the state we moved from….
While in the process of working through the decision, coach’s house or military school, I got a call from my mother to meet her at a garage sale. Not super keen on the idea, but drove up to tables of clothes in a garage and a little lady with bright red lipstick talking to my mother. They already had the school uniforms, tops, pants, a coat called a reefer and a dress cap with the son of this lady’s son’s name on the inside. The uniforms were all in the bathroom and I was instructed to try them all on. Everything but the shoes fit perfectly.
So I arrive at the military school and meet the faculty which was super impressive, green berets, Colonels, MIT graduates. That is when I decided to settle in and make the best of my new course in finishing my last year in high school.
Turns out the uniforms we bought belonged to my future husband, then just graduating from Vanderbilt. His joke was, I was always “getting in his pants”. Yes, one leg at a time and I threw his cap in the air when I graduated, would be nice to have that now that we have two adult children. At least there was a girl Sports Editor, Moi, at a mostly boys military academy to get the paper a state recognized sports writing award. Worth it. And we had the first girls basketball team. About that three pointer from the baseline to win the game…….Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.


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