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How to Survive an Eight Hour Drive

The Smokey Mountains wore their white fur capes yesterday and it was gorgeous driving through Maggie Valley with snow flurries. It was a long drive but then I found WSM on the am radio. Then the excitement began, not sleepy anymore and it made the driving time pass faster.

Dolly Parton met a super tall man named Joshua and they lived happily ever after in a small cabin with a big black dog. Alan Jackson married a waitress and he didn’t know her name and she was missing a front tooth. Johnny Cash disobeyed his moma and shot a guy in Reno. Could relate to “I was Raised on Country”, hey, me too. Keith Urban was making out in a cop car and singing about it. Travis Tritt was singing about T R O U B L E and you have to stay alert since he is spelling that someone’s not ready for Y O U.

When arriving at the driveway of my destination I had to ask Google to play WSM and she did. Better than TV.

Another pass time that made the trip go fast. We started to list the names of rivers and so far, This French Broad has a pet Pigeon and they live on Fines Creek. She Clinches her Caney Fork chasing the Duck. The Elk shows up but got scared off by the Buffalo.

All in good fun not as emotional as a country song. George Strait was coming off the rodeo circuit, he was gone too long. She told him she wouldn’t be there, that she had moved on to a new love. He could just make it to the next rodeo in Cheyenne. Lots of miles of smiles and nothing like the steel guitar, a banjo and a fiddle for background or spotlight session, crooning at just the right moment.

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