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How to Visit Nashville

The lanes of I-40 have been expanded to four coming from the east and west into Nashville a few exits before the airport. Its a good thing but there are some hazards. My stay was  outside the city and I spent a week going to Brentwood on the south side of Nashville from the east suburbs.

In self defense you need to match the traffic speed. It was midday on a friday, the two left lanes were moving very fast. I look up at a sign and see HOV + 2 and I look down at my yorkie in my lap and think, “do I count her or the guardian angel for meeting the HOV+2. As fast as I get this thought a sign comes up that defines the HOV+2 as 2 or more “persons”. Squelch that and move over. Got it.
At least I have the right station for country music and great informative conversations. When in Nashville, the atmosphere has to be filled with country music. My favorite is Coffee, Country and Cody and the call ins are a hoot. This show is from 5:30 to 10am. I know I’m and early riser. Recently they started a broadcast for TV and it is reachable all over the world. Go to WSM650 online and put in your zip code and the site will take you to stations in your area you can tune in to for listening or watching. COOL.
If going to Nashville, stay downtown or see my other Nashville posts for VRBO neighborhoods.
There is a walking bridge from Edgefield right by the Titans stadium and you are in the heart of the action.
If you are looking for a sunday service Life.Church is in Hendersonville. There is a drive thru prayer lane at Two Rivers which is near the Grand Ole Opry east of downtown. When we do trips we like to send ourselves postcards so we remember the special times and we write bullet points of what was to remember about the trip. Happy travels. Nashville again next week. Oh and the best Nashville souvenirs can be found inside the stores at the downtown farmers market. Batch Nashville on Rosa Parks Boulevard.

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