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In my 1953 “Joy of Cooking” cookbook, there are two pages dedicated to “larding”. Never heard of it. But I have this roast that is needing to be prepared. So we embark, then tweek a tad and here is how it turned out.
Reading the lines “lean meat is often larded, ……French chefs often rub them with garlic and other herbs and dust them with cloves or cinnamon. Count me in. So we switched to the Dutch oven instead of the crock pot. Oven preheated to 350. Using a very pointed serated knife we insert pieces of garlic and cloves and dusted with cinnamon. Yeah we did both. As for the meat tenderizer there were three options. 1. 1 cup French dressing, 2 teaspoons mixed dried herbs, or 2 tablespooons mixed fresh herbs, (it is August, so fresh herbs were used. Parsley, chives, basil, savory, rosemary, add others to suit preferences.
2nd option: 2 cups acid white wine, 1/2 cup cooking oil, 1 teaspooon pepper, 1 grated onion, garni ( Tangent turn for me, learned alot) A bouquet garni is created by combining bay leaf, thyme and parsley. Basil, sweet marjoram, summer savory, celery of lovage and chervil are often added. Bouquet another day, cool to know. As an FYI, Ginger, peppers, cinnamon, caraway, mustard and cumin are noted as a favorite. Third option: 1 quart of astingent red wine or wine vinegar, bay leaf and other herbs.
For the finale, we wrapped the small tender mock roast in bacon after all the spices and marinade were completed. Now in the over for two hours. Bon Appetite. Updated “larding”. Sort of. Also learned rosemary and tarragon compete to dominate flavor. Hmmmm. More like ummmmm.

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