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Last Exit Leaving Tennessee

Feel it coming, Exit 451.  My sweetheart hails from Maryland but waits for me in South Carolina. I’m a Tennessee girl and taking in the last few minutes to memorize the scenery.

Exit for Townsend if I go right or Newport if I go left. I passed a great coffee shop in Dandridge a few miles back. Passing Del Rio and Gatlinburg. Dad’s place to the left and fun times on the right. Maybe water-rafting or” Hello” to Dolly. Here it comes the next to the last exit where we have to stop and take a dogey walk, time to look at the creek and view the Smokey Mountains.

Mile markers 448.2, 448.6, 448.8 woe. Thinking about being on this curvey road when I was a little person and drinking Nesbitt grape and orange. We would have to stop because of getting dizzy sick on the curves.

That’s how my parents met. Nesbitt deliveries would come to my Grandma’s store on 11E near Strawberry Plains and my dad was the driver. They got married and seven months later (oops). I was premature. It was the spider bite that brought me early. See the “About Me” on the home page.

So the dad’s grandparents did not attend the wedding at the little Presbyterian Church in Strawberry Plains. The valedictorian, student body President wasn’t the Royalty Princess they had envisioned for their only son.

When considering University of Tennessee and the journalism scholarship, I thought I’d go by the grandparents place. It was on the Dogwood Trail and they were in bloom. I remember passing a little water mill as you enter their subdivision not far off the river. Entering the stoop, I knock on the door and a small, frail lady answers. I introduce myself and put on my best smile. This little lady then introduces me to the window in the front door. Leaving, I am thankful for the extra grandmas in my life. Much better not knowing this one.

Back to the road, 450.2, 450.4,450.6, 450.8 There goes the last exit leaving Tennessee. Large creek on the right. Welcome to another state and welcome a new state of mind. So looking forward to that sweetheart in South Carolina. I’ve got my boots, my hat and my Tennessee accent. Just missing the coon dog. Looking down at the Yorkie, she was made in Tennessee. All set. Loving life. Thank you Lord for blessing my life and may others come to know as they see you in me and in my life.


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