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Lou Smith was a Neighbor

Margie was a workout buddy that would come over after class in high school. We would run down the back of the rural subdivision road. We had a trail we would run for our conditioning workouts.

The girl ‘s basketball coach would keep a calendar of workouts even in the off season and check up on each of his players to make sure they were staying in shape. We would later go on to win state 4A championship the next year. After running the trail day after day, we had an idea where there was a certain black snake that lived in a hallowed out tree. Many times we would make extra wide passes as the black snake would have his head sticking out of the tree.

Then came one day that black snake was in the road and not moving. We had a bright idea to put the snake on the neighbor’s back door step.

Lou was the art teacher at the high school and very fond of staying out late and visiting the VFW after work. He was also a jokester and known for pulling pranks at school with his students being the subjects. We put the snake on the step and listened for the old pickup truck to come home.  His truck was especially loud and in serious need of a paint job. He referred to it as his craftmanship. Late that evening we heard gunshots in the back yard. Guess Lou thought that snake was blocking his path and had to take him out. We never did fess up to the deed and of course we never snuck up on Lou either.

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