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Morehead City Seagulls/Yorkie Bait

Since I was a little girl Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, North Carolina has been a place we spent summers and many visits. We have family that has since moved  there now for over thirty years.

As long as can be remembered there is a place where you drive your car up and park next to the other waiting cars and place your food order. My favorite is the combo oyster/shrimp burger. It is prepared perfectly and cannot be duplicated. Secret is in the coleslaw and ketchup.

On recent trips I include my husband and Princess my lapdog Yorkie.

On this occasion I was on the passenger side and that is a good thing for what was about to happen. The seagulls had always been a part of the waiting in the parking lot. It was part of the atmosphere and we didn’t pay much attention to the birds as they skim over the cars and move from sign to sign or tree to tree. There is a picnic area, that is a hotspot for the birds to go check out. These seagulls have a good setup and their size is amplified by the certain inventory for their breakfast, lunch and dinner and anything in between. They are not small little sea fowls.

Not paying much attention, I have my Princess in my lap and am checking out the orders being walked to cars around us.  I hear this seagull as it darts by the open window. Princess makes a throaty grumble and darts thru the window to make a dash at the seagull.

It just wasn’t her time because my hand just happened to be wrapped on the inside strap of her collar. All seven pounds of her lunged thru the window, lifting my arm partially out of the window.

Yorkie was intent on her bird chasing but fortunately her luck held out and she stayed mostly in the car but secure from the car activity constant in the parking lot…..and those probably ten plus pound seagulls that most likely would have just brushed Princess off like they were a sumo wrestler.

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