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Since Easter in the suburbs of Columbia, SC a budding church plant has been holding sunday worship in the parking lot of an old BiLo that relocated. It has been alot of fun taking the dog with us as we sit in the AC of our car and tune in to 88.7 FM. It appears we may be there a while longer. We had been meetingĀ  at the AMC theater since the inception of our church, but AMC is wanting to open all of their locations at the same time. This idea has been particularly challenging since some theaters are in cities experiencing challenging times these last few months. It’s fun to honk the horns when you are asked a question of support a part of the presenters message. We even had an outdoor drive-in baptism a few weeks ago.

Here goes last sundays notes:
Pastor Pete Hise _OPENS IN PRAYER

Jesus be the center of our lives, families, marriage. You are the one to be glorified. You are the only one to effect our eternity, we prioritize you by gathering here. Everything we say and do, speak to us as we meet you in this place

We are in the middle of discouragement. Gather here to encounter Him. Welcome home. Last week baptism. People taking their faith public. Beautiful, thats how we pour hope into a city, community, the world. We become radically changed. One life at a time.
There comes a time you admit you’re not one of the young cool ones, if you think every one is driving too fast, not the trend setter. I love reruns of Family Fued, makes me not cool. Question “What happens after you die?”. Answers: head to the light, no longer sick, go to heaven, answer was “we dont know” 8 answers on the board, no one said “hell”. Hell didnt come up because no one wants to go there. Do you recognize heaven and hell are real places? I am teaching from the Bible, every person goes to one or the other, people are mixed up about it.As your pastor I want to get you prepared for this, mom comes in shakes me, you have an exam, ACT. Focused on a football scholarship, why do I need the exam? I went unprepared, did okay. Experience is the best teacher, although it doesn’t have to be your experience. My son studied for his exam, he took a course, got a 35 on ACT, got a free ride because he was prepared. Pastor’s job is to make sure you are prepared.
Today we focus on an encounter Jesus had with a wealthy powerful, young, church going Jew. The story is in Matthew,Mark and Luke. Using Mark 10, a question is asked to Jesus, “what teacher must I do to get into heaven?”
Jesus reviewed the commandments. The man says I have kept all those. “There is one thing you have not done, sell all you belongings and follow me you will have treasure in heaven.” this is the best dude in the city,make room for this man to meet Jesus. “What must I do to inherit eternal life? what do I need to do to get a corner office, better job, we ask people, also ask God at one time or another. God, what do I need to do to get your blessing to fix what is going wrong, wife to be respectful, husband to act right? Fundamental misunderstanding. God’s forgiveness and blessing cannot be earned, or to acheive something, cannot earn God’s blessing, favor, thru behavior. God doesn’t work like people. Jesus fixed this with this man
Another angle, if you could trade places with anyone in life who would it be, Bill Gates, super model, Lebron James?
I am willing to guarantee that whoever you thought of, is someone you percieved to be better off, no one wanted to be someone not better off. This guy has slayed life winning at a young age, if this is true,why is he kneeling in the dirty street asking Jesus for help. Here is why. This guy feels a lack of peace in his heart and soul. It has kept him up at night, he is going to find out from Jesus how to get peace in his heart.
Interview with Tom Brady 9 superbowls, 6 rings, and still working, married to a supermodel, plays for Patriots, being interviewed married to Giselle. Brady sits back and looks at the rings and says there has got to be more than this. Wealth, marriage. Brady with tears in his eyes “I wish I knew.” He has got it all, has an ache in his heart. Jesus knows what this man needs.
Whatever the ache is in your heart, shame over your past, he knows so your heart can be full.
Jesus told him about the commandments, yes I have done all the commandments. You just lack one thing. Come join my ragtag group and change the world. Next to Jesus, more cities, schools, books based on the disciples. This guy turns down the offer of a lifetime. Why? He says no for the same reason you say no to God. He wants peace and forgiveness yet he doesn’t want to change his lifestyle. He wants to be blessed but not led. Wants to be free but not to do what is required to follow.
Ask the obvious question, do you think Jesus cares about his money? when you gave your life to Christ did you have to give away all your possessions? you don’t have to do that. Jesus doesnt care about his money. Why does Jesus ask him? Two things you will have to answer for.
want you to focus and hear this, you will have to answer to God. did you genuinely commit your life, ask Him to forgive your sins, receive him into your heart? Is Jesus sitting on the throne, the king, the Lord of what you do in you marriage, is Jesis calling the shots? Is Jesus on the throne of your heart? Satan believes those things yet he has a dismal future before him. Jesus knew the man of this story would not make Him change.
Jesus did not list the first commandment. Make God first. clutching his spiritual resume. Do you have idol(s) in your life. Anything you have elevated that you worship, job, marriage, children, put them on pedestals.
God says He wants to be the best parent, clearest heart full of joy, peace, recover from abortion, addiction, put God first. Everything else is second. Not easy to get rid of your idols. Join me and change the world. Jesus says to this guy get rid of your money and make me first.In living your life when there is an idols, there is no peace. Designed by God to be your very best, God as the center of your life.
Is Jesus at the center of your life, home, prayers, marriage, your time, heart? Or are you clutching an idol that needs to be dethroned, gift of job, relationship. Jesus loves you enough.
vs. 21 Jesus looked at this man and loved him with a genuine love. The reason asked the question.
We just sang the song, where Jesus was not center of life, I was in charge, yet I sang J is the center of it all. It is easy to sing from your head and ignore your heart. Jesus be the leader of your life. If you sang it and are not living it: brought pain. Sad to say to receive happiness in health, job. You can’t lift your hands while holding idols. This is the only time this is in the Bible where a man came with high hopes and he went away sad. He walked away with no intentions. Bet he laid in bed wishing he could take the moment back and he could have.
God is waiting, say the word “blessing”. Make him first. He won’t give you that blessing without positioning your heart. Put him first. take a moment ask the holy spirit what have I put before you? Examine what is it you are clutching, put Jesus first. If he is not, Holy Spirit put a finger in our back,dethrone our idols. Interact with God. Sing the song “Jesus as the center of my life, center of it all”.

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