Road Trip

A scenic drive is just a nice way to reconnect after the shut in we have experienced. Recently we drove from Chattanooga to Asheville thru the backroads. Starting at Sugar’s a really good BBQ place just off the interstate going thru Chattanooga, we watched the goats off the outside covered porch and had some BBQ sandwiches. On the road again we got off a few minutes down the road to follow the Occoee. It starts with a lake and soon becomes a river full of rafters. There is a marina and a beach before you hit the very curvy two lane road following the river. A damn separates the river raft traffic from the lake.  It’s a nice drive for under an hour till you hit a gorge. ( No cell service) Shortly you come up to some random wineries and a nice In the Woods rendition of walk thru park for Christian memorials, such as the ten commandments. A little off the road.

Strange but I always watch for the Pony in the air mailbox on the right. Its just before coming to Murphy, NC . Once you hit Murphy there are some really awesome eateries. Chevelle’s has daily specials and a full bar. The Chophouse has upscale meals and an outdoor patio with happy hour specials and music. Continuing on a scenic drive going east on 64. Pass thru Andrews, there is only a few stops there worth the visit. Ferncrest winery has 5 dollar wine tastings and some good cheese locally made. The jellies are really good, with peppers and fruit and six dollars each, also locally made. Blackberry and peach were our favorites. Also in Andrews is another vineyard open late in the day that has a nice view of the hills and roses. They specialize in local beers which they make onsite. The wine is a local favorite for gatherings in the afternoon.

On to the drive thru Natahala to Asheville. It follows a river and is a nice scenic drive thru Cherokee county. This road is a curvy two lane following the railroad and the river with views of rafters and canoers. Home of the olympics in kayaking a few years back.  There are many tempting detours after crossing the Little Tennessee River including the casino and Bryson City. If you make it to Asheville, there is the Moose Cafe with serious homecooking off I-40 at exit for the Farmer’s Market. What a wonderful three day trip or longer.




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