Romanticizing Herbs

Romanticizing Herbs
Absolutely loving to create delicious foods, for family and friends the taste of fresh and or prepared foods changes dramatically with the addition of fresh herbs, Have always had a small collection of herbs on the porch or window sill. This year I had to branch into some new herbs and being located in the hot south, the herbs were not as happy in certain places. Now on my third dill plant and struggling with thyme, I finally am looking into soil types and companion plants.
First consideration is to decide what herbs are the family preferred herbs. We like basil, the classic herbs in herbs of provence: lavendar, rosemary, organo and thyme. Other favorites are cilantro (for salsa and ceviches). Dill we cook with squash and zucchini. Parsley is loaded with vitamins A & C and iron. We do the flat parsley with almost everything.
Few things I have learned:
Basil is a thirsty plant and grows well with cilantro, dill and lavendar.
Chives grow year round where we are and they pair with dill rosemary and mint if in the ground. Also have a pot of dill by itself.
Mint likes to travel and root spreading quickly, it also mutates if mixed with other flavors of mint.
Coriander is a cousin of parsley, who knew.
This year has been one of experimentation for herbs. We had nice window sills and now we do not so Ive had to shift to outdoor and inground herbs. Still a work in progress
Parsley, rosemary and oregano grow well with tomatoe plants and heighten flavors of all.
Favorite rosemary is Tuscan Blue, Blue Spires, and Miss Jessups Upright
Thyme does not like a lot of water, wer’e down to once a week and in the draining dish not the soil. Dill likes well drained acidic soil and needs more sun that some of the other herbs.
Got into making jams, success with Strawberry Jalepeno and Peach Habenero, Nice gifts if they make it through the family. Upcoming is a champagne ketchup recipe that is chunky and very spicey. Experimenting with keto recipes, basically no bread or sugar. Thank heavens for avocado aioli, no added sugar. Learning alot from the American Culinary Institute. Till then, get fresh.

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