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Shepherd’s Pie for Three Wise Men

It’s always fun to find new flavors and ways to prepare favorites. Shepherd’s Pie for Three Wise Men is a favorite this week. Totally covid compliant in individual small skillets served per person.
We started with lean ground beef, I understand lamb is a good mix with ground beef or beef by itself. We are a tad light on access to ground lamb so this is with 85% lean ground round or chuck. Drained to remove the grease that settles in when cooled and to reduce fat ingested. Using olive oil or grapeseed oil cover lightly the bottom of the iron skillets. Add a single layer of cooked meat We added cooked chopped onion in with the meat..Previously prepared vegetable mix is the next layer. We used some left over marina with lima beans, peas and carrots. Usually we cook them from fresh if we have it. In this case we had left over peas and lima beans and cooked carrots to add to the marina. This mixture is one layer over the meat. Layer the cooked meat again and top with mashed potatoes. Shredded cheddar cheese top it off and bake at 350 for 30 minutes. You have seen the photo as the featured image on this post. It just gets better as the flavors marry the next day. Garlic powder and white pepper add to the meat flavor. Gets better the next day but quite good out of the oven.
For a side vegetable we enjoyed roasted cabbage. Cabbage is cut into quarter halves using half of a large cabbage. Coat cabbage with olive or grape see oil. Season with red pepper flakes and sea salt. Heat oven to 450 roast 15 minutes. Turn cabbage on to other side and roast 15 minutes. If you need a recommendation for a roasting pan, Le Crueset has an iron pan that makes the roasting perfect every time. Watch for special promotions at the Yamassee, SC store. It is the outleter’s outlet where all stores ship overages.
1 Corinthians 10:31 so whether you eat or drink or whatever, do it all for the glory of God

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