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Popcorn had a Son Named James

Popcorn Sutton was a famous bootlegger. His illegitimate youngest son was James. James was a close friend of my dad and they came for Christmas a few years back. We experienced some interesting tales.

James taught us how to tell what proof each moonshine was. Never had to use this information, but chock it up for, “interesting”.

James was always seeking his estranged dad’s approval. He was a steady runner of moonshine from when he was old enough to reach the pedals of a truck. His area was Cocke county which was the home of many distilleries up in the hills, not far from the Smokey Mountains. His customers would include neighbors and local judges. They left cash in envelopes and James would replace them with jars of moonshine.

His tee...

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How to Break in a Fairmont

In high school one of my girlfriends got a new car. We were intent on a spur of the moment road trip and thought it would be a good idea to drive to Gatlinburg and have donuts watching the sun rise.

Okay. First I had to sneak out for the night so we waited till after bedtime and got on the road. We piled into the brand spanking new silver Fairmont and embarked on the adventure. It was a four hour drive to the mountains in a regular V-6.

We got to the infamous four mile hill  near Monterey, Tennessee, and when the trucks were passing us we knew leaning forward was not gonna get it. Eventually we made it up the hill but it put a crunch in the timeline since one of us had to be back for work in the morning...

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Just Do It per Grandma

Nike may think they originated the “just do it” phrase. Not so much.  My Grandma who would now be over one hundred, were she still on terra firma, when in conversation would respond to things we were discussing for choices, “just do it”.

Upon travelling to visit her to introduce her to my soon to be husband, we arrived and she had all the counters covered in her upcoming buffet. At least it would be her smorgasbord after moi cooked and prepared it for her. She had pulled most everything from her freezer including fried shrimp, chicken nuggets, chicken liver, (yep) french fries, various vegetables and the makings for cornbread and hot cakes.

While I was instructed to “just do it” in a most loving grandmotherly voice...

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How to Be a Teamplayer

There was a skipper of a sailboat doing a solo sailing. This very unfortunate sailor got caught in a storm and washed up on an island. He met a man that had also been shipwrecked on the island. He asked the man observing there was more than one building he had made of island material, “what is the structure you have built over there”? The man replied “that is where I go to church”.

The sailor asked “what is the other building over on the other side? The man replied “that’s where I used to go to church”.

Where is the hope for living with rules, laws, government, other people if you cannot get along with yourself shipwrecked on an island.

The sailor probably fixed his sailboat extra quickly and would have even rowed to get himself clear...

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How to Deal with a Dogbite

Visiting a builder’s home in the neighborhood we were standing in the kitchen of their new home. Then there appeared a hefty lab mix pit bull sort of large dog. He came up to us and we were petting him for some time. While talking to the homeowner and petting looking down occasionally and seeing the dog being still and looking back up.

This went on for a few minutes, more than a few, perhaps ten minutes. For whatever reason the dog suddenly up on his hind legs buries his muzzle in my face next to my nose and in going back down his large upper cuspid fang cuts through my upper lip like butter. Into action we are trying to stop the bleeding and apply ice. I kept saying “I am fine, I am fine”...

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2020 in a Few Hours

Sunday as in two going on three days ago I start looking for black eye peas. On the second store the shelf was empty but I found a bag mixed in with other beans. Since they are for good luck I figured we need to start right away and eat black eye peas till New Year’s Day.

Doing it. One more day. Also learned greens are to represent money so we have collard greens. Finally to represent gold we have yellow corn bread.

Luck, green money and gold. If we were in Spain we would be eating twelve white grapes. In Scotland we would welcome a tall dark man after midnight bearing gifts. So what is your plan, just know most resolutions are ended before the end of February.

Kinder and gentler interactions, less TV, better travel planning, more tim...

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Prayer Warriors

Going to college at a Christian school, I was amazed there were so many students who had both parents. I remember it was a shock to meet families again and again having both mother and father and living all in one place as in HOME. You see, I had, which later I regarded as a blessing, two stepdads and a real father (MIA),  and had many men suitors of my hot moma. Other relationships…….

We did church as in the going to. Not until my personal conviction kept me seeking did I understand the void when someone just has a church routine. My first encounter with a given over prayer warrior was in my senior year of high school...

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Traveling to MOMs Collectors 28 Chairs and NoWhere to Sit

Have you ever been to a collector’s house? A serious collector of spoons, silver, antiques, statues, china, oyster plates, books, lamps, linens, furniture, add to the list…..

An amazing trait in these personalities is that they find beauty, purpose and interest in each and every item in their gallery collection. Lots of items, broken, imperfect fixer uppers, adaptable items – like Fred Sanford – “I gotta have it, keep it, save it, store it, dream of a purpose or need/use for it.

Recently a great revelation came to me, visiting my mother as I was making a cup of tea early in the morning. The house was quiet, yet very much not quiet as I panned the various landscape of each room. I was looking for a  sitting  spot...