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Woman versus Nature Part 2

Not sure if you have ever painted an entire house, it is a monster of a task. First it started as a repair job, thinking we were subverting damage of flying boring bees. Then discovering little skinny long black wasps that bure circles into the same woods that were home to the boring bees. So we are up to pesticides now, found something called Wisdom. It is safe for animals we are told and we do have peacocks and baby peacocks so we want to keep everyone safe. It is really a community to watch the moma peacock take her babies on a stroll through a few acres including the front yard and the side yard. The male peacocks come close to the female as if to converse, then they tarry on after checking in. The males stay up in the trees at night and sit on the fence in the morning, they dig fresh dirt and cool off sitting in the shady dirt spots during the heat of the day. In the afternoon they cross the road to the neighbors while the sun sets on their tree home in the evening. Smart little guys. No one can sneak up on peacock either, they scream blood curtling long and repetitive throaty calls. Much longer than a crow and louder lower pitch than a seagull. Okay one tends to notice this stuff when you’re painting a house for days on end. I think we are up to 18 days now. Yeah I know, I am left handed and turning amadextreous to avoid looking like Popeye with giant muscles on one side. Some days I have to drink coffee with the right hand or even consider the bobbing bird dip. It’s a serious over use or I tell myself it is just being out of shape. Who in their right mind takes on such a task? These are Covid times afterall, perfect for home maintenance. So we thought we were just repairing damage of boring bees and treating a log house to save it from being “bee smorgasbord”, that turned into staining which turned into semi-stain which had to be tinted with a color and it is impossible to match “aged wood”. Learning the life of bees and wasps and how determined they are to have food and shelter, it sure makes you appreciate adaptation of the critters. What did they do prior to wood houses? On to the wood filler, that can be tinted with stain. Well you can’t leave the porch and windows, el naturelle, and on it goes. About liquid nails to the canals dug into the logs, it’s the only thing that works. Those ladies return to the same channels each egg laying season. No forwarding address necessary girls. Hey, and watch that temper, buzzing into humans. Funny ladies, doing the vertical channels after we stained the face of the logs. Discovered by the giant trail of digested chewed up fresh wood shavings.

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