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Woman vs. Nature


Woman vs. Nature
Over the last five days, it has been some major investment of time and energy to combat the forces of forty years of weathering logs in a Lincoln log home. Lots of critters have come to call the place home, many harmless. However the most annoying and destructive is the discovery of the boring bees and the devastation they create. Learning about them and how to stop the damage they cause has been a fast track course for evacuating the pests. Even more surprising is the fact that a woodpecker comes to feed on the larvae of the bees and the holes they create in their deep drilling can be up to three or four inches of a lateral drilling session going after the delicacy they apparently crave. Before our time in attempting to deal with these bees someone had tried silicon and even caulk at another time. These bees drilled right through both of these substances. Finally we discovered wood filler with a hardening agent and realized we could tint the wood filler so it would match the semi solid stain. We arrived at the semi solid to cover the repair spots after we tried semi transparent stain and several shades. So Dragon’s Breath it is and it is a pewter greenish gray, lovely. I grew fond of the name after combatting the buzzing bees. I learned they hatch their nests twice a year, usually in february and again in august. So I am in a race to beat the calendar for the end of august to completely stain the entire house. Reading about these bees they do not like painted surfaces, so as I stained the logs they would find other surfaces of cedar that they were drawn to and could make new holes over night. For the repair of the woodpeckers we had to move up to expandable foam for wood because the damage was exposing the internal wood of the ten inch cedar logs. The bees would enter in a small dowel size round hole they creating moving in circles and then make a left or right and dig channels. How the woodpecker knew the larvae is on the left or right began to amaze me. Must be that instinct for only a woodpecker to discern. Since using “Dragon’s Breath”, surely that would overcome bees and woodpeckers. Then there was the discovery of some small black wasps that drill tiny holes. Seriously? Note to self: better not to start this project in July when the weather is close to 100 degrees and storms come up most every day due to the heat. Best to pay attention for thunder since lightning generally follows. That we learned on the first day when we felt the ground rumble after a nearby strike. Time for lemonade..and the t-shirt, log saver by Dragon’s Breath.

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